Whoopi Goldberg: Yes Freed Terrorists Should Be Allowed to Vote

Whoopi Goldberg sided with Bernie Sanders on the ‘terrorist voting rights’ platform, becoming the first member on ‘The View’ to vocally agree that they have that right.

Meghan McCain, a fellow host of the ABC show, asked flat-out if anyone on the panel sided with Bernie’s extremist views.

When asked during a town hall event on Monday whether felons such as the Boston Marathon bomber have the right to cast a vote while in prison, Sanders said that right is “inherent to our democracy … yes, even for terrible people.”

In addressing Sanders, along with Kamala Harris who waffled but did say “we should have that conversation,” McCain wanted to know where her co-hosts stood on the issue.

Anyone Agree?

“Does anyone think a terrorist should have a right to vote?” she asked.

Whoopi responded, “Well, here’s what I’m going to say, if they let this terrorist out, because he served his time, he gets his — if he’s an American citizen …”

McCain’s jaw dropped, noting the number of people the Boston Marathon bomber had killed and injured, adding “he’s a radicalized terrorist.”

Goldberg continued, drawing at least one difference between what she was saying and what Sanders had suggested – that he gets the right to vote restored after release from prison.

“Our constitution says, if you’ve done your time…you have, we hope, been reformed, you’ve been changed. If they let him out, that means they feel his time is up and he gets to become the American citizen,” Goldberg continued.

Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar began siding with Whoopi on the matter before the segment had to be ended.

“Whoopi, he killed people!” McCain exclaimed at one point.

Whoopi dismissed her shouting, “Yes, lots of people do this!”

If She Only Moved to Canada

If Whoopi had followed through on her threat to move to Canada, then perhaps she wouldn’t be voting in American elections anymore. Which would be good since she supports a terrorist’s right to do so.

Shortly after Trump’s presidential victory, Goldberg said: “Maybe it’s time for me to move, you know. I can afford to go,” adding that Trump is “not the president I want.”

Donald Trump Jr. responded by saying he’d be willing to “buy their airfare.”

Whoopi recently made headlines when she went after New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that she needs to actually accomplish something “before you start p**ping on people and what they’ve done.”

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