With Donald Trump under heavy fire from Democrats and the political establishment, many observers thought his comments about Senator John McCain (R-AZ) would end his campaign. But Trump just received MAJOR support from the top conservative radio host in America… Rush Limbaugh!

Limbaugh called upon his loyal fans to rally to Trump’s defense. McCain has spent a long career in the U.S. Senate slamming conservatives, and Trump deserves our full-throated support for standing up to him.

As Limbaugh noted, America has not seen “something like this in a long time.” The 2016 presidential contest is unique, as America has “not seen an embattled public figure stand up for himself, double down and tell everybody to go to hell.”

“Trump can survive this, Trump is surviving this,” Mr. Limbaugh said at the start of his three-hour program on Monday, two days after Mr. Trump took issue with the description of Mr. McCain, a former Vietnam prisoner-of-war, as a “war hero.” “This is a great, great teachable moment here, this whole thing with Trump and McCain.”

Last week, Mr. Limbaugh expressed aggravation with Mr. McCain, who has never been a favorite of the Republican base, for saying that Mr. Trump was riling up “the crazies” in the party with his comments about illegal immigrants from Mexico.

Mr. Limbaugh described the dust-up as an over-hyped effort from “the drive-by media.” He returned to the topic in the show’s second hour, pointing out that Democrats have taken shots at Mr. McCain’s service — including Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, years before he was elected to the Senate.

via The New York Times

Limbaugh noted that liberals find it perfectly acceptable when one of their own criticize John McCain. They did so throughout the 2008 campaign when he ran for President against then Senator Barack Obama.

Limbaugh is reminding us that – if you love Trump or hate Trump – you must admire his willingness to fight back and never back down. He is on the attack, and is speaking the truth!

That’s why Rush Limbaugh is supporting him in this battle against the mainstream media.

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