WATCH: Rudy Giuliani Fires Back At ‘Brainwashed’ Heckler – ‘You’re Probably As Demented As Biden!’

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who served as an attorney for former President Donald Trump, fired back at a heckler during a pro-Israel parade, calling him a "brainwashed a**hole" who is "probably as demented as [President] Biden."

‘America’s Mayor’ Rudy Giuliani couldn’t take it anymore – and fired back at a heckler during a pro-Israel parade Sunday, calling him a “brainwashed a**hole” who is “probably as demented as [President] Biden.”

The festive parade turned momentarily hostile when a heckler apparently hurled insults Giuliani’s way.

Video shows Giuliani, who served as an attorney for former President Donald Trump, turn towards his admirer and shout, “I reduced crime, you jackass!”

The comment was a reference to his time as mayor when New York City wasn’t the crime-infested hellscape it’s become under Democrat leadership.

In another comment, Giuliani took aim at current mayor Eric Adams: “Crime was down 55% under me, it’s up 40% under him.”

Adams seems to concur, saying in a recent interview he has “never in my professional career… witnessed crime at this level.”

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Rudy Giuliani Slams ‘Brainwashed’ and ‘Demented’ Heckler

The heckler in question bit off more than he could chew if he thought Rudy Giuliani was simply going to keep walking and ignore the insults being volleyed in his direction.

Giuliani turned around as the heckling continued and added, “You are a brainwashed a**hole.”

“You are probably as demented as Biden,” he suggested.

That’s … pretty demented.

Giuliani has a valid point. While there are certainly some things you could criticize the former Trump lawyer for over the years, if the heckler was criticizing crime during his tenure in the ‘city that never sleeps’ he’d have to be out there.

The former mayor’s record on that matter is stellar.

Giuliani’s implementation of broken windows-based actions (enforcing penalties for minor crimes to deter major ones), and stop and frisk combined to make New York a city where tourists and residents felt safe during his tenure.

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Giuliani Unmasked

Rudy Giuliani certainly wasn’t backing down from the confrontation.

Unlike comedian Ken Jeong, who stormed off the set when the former mayor was revealed as a contestant on the intellectually deficient show, The Masked Singer, in April.

Last July, Giuliani was suspended from practicing law in Washington, D.C.

CNN defined the suspension as “a major blow” as Giuliani was “once considered an accomplished and formidable force in legal circles.”

Prior to that, a New York court suspended Giuliani’s law license for making “demonstrably false and misleading” statements to courts, legislators, and the public about the 2020 election.

Former President Donald Trump has defended Giuliani as “the greatest Mayor in the history of New York City” and “one of the greatest crime fighters our Country has ever known.”

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