WATCH: Kamala Harris Humiliated After Audience Is Told to Clap and They STILL Don’t

Vice President Kamala Harris had her very own 'please clap' moment when she was introduced to a group of students who didn't offer any applause despite being encouraged by the host.
Screenshot: Fox News YouTube Channel

Vice President Kamala Harris had her very own ‘please clap’ moment when she was introduced to a group of students who didn’t offer any applause despite being encouraged by the host.

Harris was speaking to a group from historically Black colleges and universities. A video of her introduction surfaced online earlier in the week.

“Please stand as she enters the room,” White House adviser Keisha Lance Bottoms is heard advising those in attendance.

“Hello everybody,” Harris says as some in the crowd fawn over her entrance.

The host then interjects laughing, “You can clap, it’s okay!”

A couple of individuals are seen doing a polite golf clap while the rest don’t really respond to the prodding.

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Will Somebody Clap for Kamala Harris? Please?

While there is plenty to mock about Vice President Kamala Harris, we may have to cut her some slack here.

This is a tight room, a well-dressed crowd showing great respect for their surroundings. Perhaps they simply felt that silence was the best way to show respect.

Additionally, a vast majority of the crowd is holding up cell phones to record her entrance or have programs in their hands, making it difficult to start clapping no matter who is addressing them.

However, while we are cutting some slack, others aren’t quite as forgiving. And that’s okay.

“Jeb vibes,” wrote retired UFC fighter, Nik Lentz.

Several viewers noted the similarity between Harris’ dilemma and a famous incident involving former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

In what came to be symbolic of his low-energy presidential campaign in 2016, Bush implored a crowd of unenthusiastic supporters to “please clap” after delivering a line he felt was worthy of support.

“Hope my show tonight goes better than this,” tweeted comedian Doc Kennedy.

“The audience had to be reminded to clap for the vice president,” Fox News host Sean Hannity taunted. “You really can’t make this up.”

Fox News Radio host Jimmy Failla joked that maybe the audience “did not want to wake Biden” considering it was early in the afternoon.

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Another Painfully Embarrassing Moment

Perhaps Kamala’s ‘please clap’ moment is more reminiscent of when she was campaigning for President and asked a crowd at a town hall event if they were ready for her and quickly regretted the question.

“There’s this whole conversation that has been coming up about electability focused on our campaign,” she said at the time. “Is America ready for that?”

A few people in the crowd shouted “No!”

“Well, yes they are,” she fired back after initially making a shocked face.

At the same event, Harris reiterated her strange fascination with Venn diagrams.

“I like to think of a lot of things in the context of a Venn diagram, I love Venn diagrams. Always ask, ‘Is there a Venn diagram for this?’ I’m telling you, it’s fascinating when you do,” she explained. “So, Venn diagram, those three circles, right?”

She should have stopped after the first four words – ‘I like to think…’

That Venn diagram fascination may only be eclipsed by Kamala’s love of yellow school buses.

“I don’t know what she likes better: Venn diagrams or giggling,” Hannity quipped, referring to the Vice President’s penchant for a good ol’ fashioned cackle.

President Biden, who chose Harris as his running mate in 2020 almost exclusively because she is black and female, has reportedly described her as a “work in progress.”

That implies progress is actually being made. It isn’t.

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