Washington Post reporter Robert Costa suggested that Democrats are looking into repealing the 22nd Amendment so that Barack Obama can serve as President for a third term.

The 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1951 after the re-election of Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt for a fourth term, set a two-term limit for the presidency.

Costa’s comments come after Obama’s speech at the DNC, which was lauded, of course, by the liberal media.

Obama’s Third Term?

“They see what happened tonight in the Democratic convention and they see that Obama coalition reassembling. This is such an important time in America, we remember the 19th Amendment,” Costa said. “But talking to Republicans and Democrats in recent minutes, it’s clear that they’re not only talking about the 19th Amendment these days or tonight.”

“They’re talking about the 22nd Amendment that bans a president from going beyond two terms,” the reporter gushed. “Democrats are looking at that Obama speech tonight and saying maybe one day he could come back? Maybe the 22nd Amendment could be repealed?”

Costa, it should be said, is considered a straight news reporter, not an opinion host.

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Democrats Dream of Obama

Obama’s speech may have been a dream come true for two parties – Democrats desperate to replace President Trump, and the media. Of course, those two entities are one and the same.

To the rest of America, it was a sad speech from a man desperate to salvage his legacy.

The former President perpetually insinuated that democracy hangs in the balance if Joe Biden doesn’t defeat Trump, using the term 18 times during his speech.

Which led former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to fire back.

“President Obama’s rhetoric about democracy would carry more weight if his administration hadn’t illegally spied on the Trump campaign and tried to overturn the results of the 2016 election,” she fired back.

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Imagine a Third Term For Trump?

Having a straight news reporter drool over Obama’s speech to the point where he openly fantasizes about a third term is practically expected from today’s DNC-endorsed media.

But it’s really rich when knowing full-well that President Trump has joked about the very same thing and the media has had a collective aneurysm each time.

Most recently, the President suggested that he gets a do-over on his first term since Democrats sabotaged it with impeachment hoaxes, investigations, and spying.

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We’re going to win, Trump said, “And then after that, we’ll go for another four years because you know what? They spied on my campaign. We should get a re-do of four years.”

Pam Keith, a Democrat running for Congress in Florida’s 18th Congressional District, whined that he wasn’t joking and that it was super-serious you guys!

“He’s NOT joking. He’s delusional, but NOT trying to be funny,” she tweeted. “It’s imperative that we put this nightmarish s***show to an end IMMEDIATELY!!”

The only nightmare here was the man in the White House for eight years prior to Trump.