Washington Post Links 2010 Campaign Ad Against Nancy Pelosi to Assault on Her Husband

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Ashley Parker, a senior national political correspondent for the Washington Post, linked a 2010 campaign ad critical of Nancy Pelosi to the recent assault on her husband.

As many readers know by now, Paul Pelosi was the victim of a heinous assault inside his San Francisco home.

The facts behind the attack remain incredibly sketchy, but that hasn’t kept the media from – as they often do – formulating their own narrative that the assailant was motivated by rhetoric from irresponsible Republicans.

Enter Parker, who managed to form a line of reasoning that spanned over a decade and went from point A straight to point Z. And she no doubt believes her thought process was sound and precise.

Let’s see if you can follow it.:

“In 2010, the GOP launched a Fire Pelosi campaign, w images of her engulfed in flames.” –> “In 2021, McCarthy joked about hitting her on the head w a gavel.” –> “In 2022, the GOP spent $40M vilifying her in ads.” –> “And on Friday, her husband was attacked w a hammer.”

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Argument That Paul Pelosi Assault Is Due to 2010 Campaign Ad is Flat-Out Dumb

Following that tweet, one can easily imagine Parker pouring over her Google searches to somehow find a link between GOP rhetoric and the assault on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, all the while using an oversized magnifying glass coming out of her trilby hat Inspector Gadget-style.

The column Parker links to, which she helped co-author, points out that a 2010 Republican ad shows Pelosi “engulfed in Hades-style flames,” then pivots to “eleven years later.”

First off, what makes flames ‘Hades-style’ exactly, as opposed to regular flames? Second, Pelosi has been in office since roughly the dawn of time. They couldn’t find something from 20 … 30 years ago to make the link even more ridiculous?

What’s the message here? That the “wrong” political party is no longer allowed to campaign against the Speaker of the House?

As per usual, the amateur hour offered by the Washington Post has drawn a conclusion first, and they are trying to fill in the facts afterward.

Does anybody remember the Gabby Giffords media reaction? Sarah Palin, who once used target graphics over political opponents, was wrongfully blamed for inciting the mass shooting involving Giffords in Tucson, Arizona in 2011.

They’re running the same playbook.

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Pelosi’s History of Incendiary Rhetoric

While the accused in the Paul Pelosi attack has apparently had a history of right-leaning conspiracy theory posts on social media, it’s clear he doesn’t exactly fit the mold of somebody who listens to Republicans.

Not many Berkeley resident nudists do

Yet somehow the Washington Post thinks he viewed a campaign ad from 2010 and ’12 years later’ wound up in Pelosi’s house motivated by its “Hades-style flames”?

One things for sure, the media never does this in the reverse. A canvasser for Senator Marco Rubio was violently beaten recently. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was targeted for assassination.

A teenager was run over and killed by another man who told police that the teen was a “Republican extremist.”

But Nancy Pelosi’s timeline isn’t poured over by Parker or the Washington Post following such incidents, looking intently for examples where her rhetoric has been over the top.

They don’t link her comments to wanting to “punch [Trump] out” as a contributing factor when Republicans are the victims.

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