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Virginia Hume Defends Brett Kavanaugh from Abuse Allegations

It’s a small world after all.

Another peer of Brett Kavanaugh has come to his defense. And because she’s defending him from the accusations leveled by Christine Ford, don’t expect the media to highlight her message. In fact, you should fully expect them to suppress it.

To recap: Christine Ford alleges that, as a teenager, she attended a party with Brett Kavanaugh where he drunkenly forced himself upon her. Ford made these allegations in the form of a letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein. Sen. Feinstein then waited until just before a confirmation vote on Kavanaugh to release the details. She has yet to reveal the actual letter to her colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee. (RELATED: Dianne Feinstein’s Office Won’t Share Kavanaugh Accuser’s Letter.)

Since the revelation, the media has sought out other witnesses who were named by Ford. So far, every witness found has denied the alleged party or incident actually occurred. (RELATED: Another Kavanaugh Witness, Patrick Smyth, Emerges – Denies Sexual Assault Incident.)

But, just yesterday, a woman who knew Ford back in high school claimed to have heard of the party and of what Kavanaugh did. She posted details on social media, only to delete them after inquiries were made into the exact details. Now she claims that she only ever heard of rumors second hand and can’t confirm any of it. (RELATED: New Kavanaugh Accuser Comes Forward, Immediately Deletes Posts.)

So that was a bust. But, it appears another woman who attended the same school as Ford is also speaking out: but in Kavanaugh’s defense.

Virginia Hume, daughter of Fox News’ Brit Hume, attended Holton-Arms, the same female preparatory school as Ford. She knew of Kavanaugh then and has nothing disparaging to say about him. In fact, she was one of over 60 women to speak out in his defense. And now she just dropped the hammer on the latest allegation of Kavanaugh’s impropriety:

This doesn’t help Ford’s case, which looks more unbelievable by the day. So far, the media has failed to find any credible witnesses who can help make Ford’s case.

As this scandal goes on, look for Democrats and Ford to become more desperate with their tactics.