Unhinged NBC Reporter: Elon Musk Exposing Twitter Censorship Scandal is Actually ‘Suppressing Free Speech’

NBC News reporter Ben Collins claims that Elon Musk's transparency in revealing the 'Twitter files' is suppressing free speech and creating 'pariahs' in order to generate a mob to accuse them of treason.
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NBC News reporter Ben Collins has been dealing with a complete meltdown ever since Elon Musk began releasing internal Twitter files that prove the Big Tech company was colluding with Democrats to censor content. 

In his latest missive, Collins now claims that Elon Musk’s transparency in revealing the ‘Twitter Files’ is “suppressing free speech” and creating ‘pariahs’ in order to generate a mob to accuse them of treason.

Collins packed so much ignorance into one tweet that one has to admire the effort.

“Elon’s team is just creating new Main Characters for Fox News to accuse of treason by implying they did some sort of high crime but never actually saying what the crime is,” he claimed without evidence.

“This is about creating pariahs to launch a mob against in order to, ironically, suppress their speech.”

The Twitter files involve a series of releases, one which has already come to pass, which show executives at the Big Tech company deliberately censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story at the direction of the DNC and President Biden’s campaign.

Collins was specifically responding to a story about former FBI general counsel James Baker, who was fired from Twitter for “suppression” of information after it was discovered he “vetted” the first installment of the “Twitter Files” without Musk’s knowledge.

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Ben Collins and Elon Musk’s Devious Twitter Files Plan

Look, we’re certain Ben Collins fancies himself an actual journalist or news reporter. In fact, it’s likely he recites that affirmation into a mirror every morning before heading off to work at NBC.

But a real journalist would be trying to figure out why the American media, the Democrat Party, a presidential campaign, and a major social media platform all worked in concert to steal an election.

That’s the crime, Ben. That’s a real ‘insurrection,’ not the overblown riot from 2021.

In the case of Baker, the real story is in an FBI man trying to actually censor the information – again – before it was released to the public.

Collins, not content to accuse Elon Musk of using the Twitter Files scandal to create a pariah to stoke violence against tech executives, expanded on his thought, suggesting other serious scandals from the left were little more than the work of a vast right-wing machine.

What Collins did was provide a handy list of real scandals that the media swept under the rug. Real scandals that, in any other country, would have led to the political downfall of the party behind them.

NBC’s star reporter is doing little more than pointing out just how corrupt the media is in this country.

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Sunlight Stifles Free Speech!

Collins’ argument that revealing the inner workings of Twitter’s Hunter Biden scandal is actually an effort to “suppress their speech” sounds similar to one made by former CNN reporter Maria Ressa.

Ressa claimed – remarkably – that social media (clearly referring to Elon Musk’s new Twitter) is using free speech “to stifle free speech.”

“If you don’t have facts, you can’t have truth,” she said. “Without truth, you can’t have trust. Without these three we have no shared reality. We can’t solve any problems. We have no democracy.”

“That’s what social media has done,” Ressa added. “It has come in and used free speech to stifle free speech, right?”

God, that’s a hell of a Jedi Mind Trick there. Free speech stifles free speech. Really?

Journalists used to be champions of free speech. They used to investigate scandals in this country. Now they are mindless mouthpieces for one-party rule in America.

Collins is a shining example of that. When the ‘Twitter Files’ was initially released, he was one of the first to kick off a coordinated response to smear Musk in order to obfuscate from the scandal at hand.

Collins was one of many reporters who attacked independent liberal journalist Matt Taibbi for releasing the information, suggesting he had done “PR” work for the “richest” man in the world.

Those code words were repeated over and over again, as documented by The Political Insider.

But again, Collins and NBC News are nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party. Would you expect anything less?

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