We are only six months into the Biden/Harris administration, and if one phrase could best sum up the state of affairs of the country under the current administration, that phrase would be “America is under retreat.”

At home we are staring at surging inflation and lower than expected job growth. The situation along our southern border is deteriorating by the day – the situation has gotten so bad that Governors are being forced to step up and do the job the federal government is supposed to be doing.

We literally have a Vice President simply laughing at the humanitarian crisis on our southern border.

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Abroad, America looks pitifully weak. Biden is willing to make concession after concession to allies and enemies alike, without getting a single thing in return for the U.S. China is using this moment of international weakness to fill the void left by the shrinking importance of the U.S. on the global stage.

Culturally, we were told that Joe Biden would be a healer, a moderate who bind up the “wounds” of the Trump era.

Instead of looking to unite the country, the Biden administration has aggressively pushed one of the most divisive cultural agendas in our nation’s history. From the defense and promotion of Critical Race Theory to the criminalization of their political opponents.

In DC, Biden promised to be the veteran hand who would know how to broker deals and make the legislative processes work again.

Instead, we have unbridled hyper-partisanship with Democratic majorities using their control to remove members of Congress from committees and using byzantine legislative processes – like reconciliation – to force through their agenda without the input of Republicans.

No matter how you look at it, no matter what issue you consider – at home and abroad – America is in retreat.

Despite non-stop propagandizing by the mainstream media in support of the Biden administration, polling is showing the honeymoon is over for Biden.

A new Monmouth poll released this week showed Biden’s approval under 50% – dropping to 48%, down 6 points from 54% in April. Among independents, Biden’s approval has cratered to 36%.

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The bad news is that all of this is likely to get worse – maybe even much worse – before it gets better.

Cracks have begin to develop in the media’s defense for Biden – with more and more mainstream media outlets, (even CNN!) beginning to point out the Biden administration’s unwillingness to answer questions.

Indeed, CNN’s Jeff Zeleny said this week, when talking about Biden:

“What we have not seen him do is answer questions like that without his aides screaming at him to stop. I have never seen a president, covering the last four of them, who is so protected by his aides in terms of not wanting him to answer some questions. They were silent today because he had a job to do. He recognized that.”

One can only imagine the polling hit Biden would take if almost anyone in the mainstream media was willing to hold him accountable.

But its not just Biden’s poll numbers that are likely to get worse before they get better. The situation at the border will only get worse – the Kamala Harris plan of simply ignoring it will not make it better.

Inflation will only continue to rise as the Biden administration continues to push for trillions in federal spending. Our adversaries internationally – especially China – will continue to take advantage of American weakness.

Even more frighteningly, as the Biden poll numbers continue to drop and the as the administration careens from policy blunder to policy blunder, look for the left, the media, and the DOJ/FBI to push for the further criminalization of dissenting political views.

They will continue to use January 6 – and continue to gaslight about what happened that day – as a cover to crack down on Trump supporters and any political opponents of the Biden administration.

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It might not be the uplifting message that folks want to hear, but it is the truth. America is in retreat under Joe Biden and its likely to get much worse for all of us before it gets better.


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