Twitter Employees Melt Down Following Report That Elon Musk Will Fire 75% of Them – ‘Billionaires Are A**holes’

Twitter employees on the very platform they work for were beside themselves over reports that Tesla CEO Elon Musk will fire 75% of their total workforce if he becomes the company's new owner.
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Guess they’d better learn to code.

Twitter employees, using the very platform they work for, were beside themselves over reports that Tesla CEO Elon Musk will fire 75% of their total workforce if he becomes the company’s new owner.

Documents obtained by the Washington Post along with interviews suggest Musk “told prospective investors in his deal to buy the company that he planned to get rid of nearly 75 percent of Twitter’s 7,500 workers.”

Such a move would reduce staffing to roughly 2,000 employees. 

The big tech company, even without Musk’s takeover, was seeking to cut payroll by $800 million by the end of next year, a move that would still eliminate a quarter of the workforce.

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Twitter Employees Apoplectic Over News Elon Musk May Significantly Reduce Workforce

After the report that Elon Musk could fire a significant portion of the Twitter workforce became public, employees were beside themselves. Ironically, they tweeted their disgust.

Matt Walker, a product designer for Twitter, tweeted about the “drama” unfolding behind the scenes of Musk’s potential takeover, concluding “billionaires are assholes.”

One woman whose bio defines her as having a ‘revenue finance’ position with Twitter wondered, “Y’all don’t care about me?”

Parker Lyons, a senior financial analyst at Twitter, shared several memes, one of which indicated employees would be getting a disrespectful severance package.

Lyons also posted a tweet reading, “When you realize you are the 75%” along with a clip of Magic Johnson shaking his head and saying “I’m not gonna be here.”

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Worried About ‘Misinformation’

I’m not quite sure what all the commotion is about over there at Twitter headquarters.

After all, this is the same workforce that, upon hearing that Elon Musk wanted to purchase Twitter, felt like they were “going to throw up” because they really “don’t wanna work for a company that is owned by Elon Musk.”

Wish granted?

The Daily Mail at the time reported that Twitter employees were terrified that if Musk bought the company they’d have to physically go in to work.

“Employees bombarded the site and internal message boards with attacks on Musk, and raised fears they would now be forced to stop working from home under the new regime,” they wrote.

Doesn’t appear that showing up to the office will be much of a problem for 75% of them going forward.

The Washington Post reports that drastic cuts to the Twitter workforce would “possibly cripple(d) the service’s ability to combat misinformation, hate speech, and spam,” as if those are the real problems with Twitter, rather than the censorship.

They had roughly 7,500 employees when the platform suppressed true news in the form of a Hunter Biden laptop. They had a bloated staff when Twitter was de-platforming people who doubted the efficacy of the COVID vaccine.

Pretty certain they can screw it up just as bad with just a fraction of the same people.

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