CJ Pearson is a YouTube celebrity because, as a young African-American, he is unafraid to speak his mind about conservative principles. With deeply held religious convictions, there is no doubt that CJ is being raised by smart parents.

This time CJ Pearson takes direct aim at President Barack Obama’s plan to use the tragedy in South Carolina to further a gun-control agenda. Nine men and women were killed while worshiping God — this is hardly the time to discuss taking away our liberties. However, Obama has no shame!

Watch (below) and see what CJ has to say:

As he explained on his Facebook page:

My heart deeply aches for the families and victims of the Emmanuel AME Church shootings in Charleston, South Carolina and I am ashamed to have a President that is willing to take advantage of a senseless tragedy for political gain. Be sure to share this video. ‪#‎PrayForCharleston‬

That is truth that Obama needs to hear. Guns would have protected people in the church from evil, and stopped the mass murderer from inflicting so much death. This is a serious tragedy and banning guns is NOT the answer.

Thank you CJ for standing up to our tyrannical President!

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