Tucker Carlson Slams USDA For Plans To Lower Foreign Worker Wage Cap During Economic Crisis

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Tucker Carlson blasted the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) for their plans to lower the wage cap for foreign workers during the current unemployment crisis.

Carlson: Government Not Prioritising Getting Americans Back to Work

“America is now facing its worst jobs crisis since the Great Depression,” Carlson said on his show on Thursday.

“In the past month, more than 1 in 10 American workers has lost their job. Getting our people back to work must be our top national goal period,” he argued, as “poverty over time will kill more Americans and destroy more American families than any virus ever could.”

However, Carlson noted that instead of prioritizing American workers, the USDA is, at this time of crisis, wanting to lower the “Adverse Affect Wage Rate.”

This is a special minimum wage for foreign guest agriculture workers, in order to stop companies driving down wages.

“Lowering the federal wage rate wouldn’t simply make it easier to bring in more foreign workers, it would also allow companies to force pay cuts on any domestic employees they currently have, and if the workers don’t like, they could be fired and replaced by foreigners,” Carlson said.

The USDA was contacted by Carlson and his team, who asked them why they were so determined to bring in more foreign workers when millions of Americans are unemployed. They responded that “longstanding challenges facing the agricultural industry have been exacerbated by these uncertain times.”

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Let The Free Market Work for Once!

In other words, Carlson argued, “they’ve been trying to do this for quite some time, and the crisis is just the perfect time to do it.” He noted that there was no problem with wanting to protect the food supply, but the federal goverment could instead work on ensuring unemployed Americans could get temporary work on farms, or subsidize wages, as the U.K. is currently doing. It was ironic, Carlson argued, that the same people who “want an endless torrent of foreigners working here… happen to be the same people who are happy to lecture you and the rest of us about ‘the sacred efficiency of markets.'”

Right now there is no labor shortage, so “if agriculture companies are struggling to find employees right now, it could be possible they’re not paying enough, because that’s how markets work,” Carlson higlighted.

Carlson argued that the USDA and the federal government should follow their own rules for once.

“If you want workers, pay them American wages,” he concluded. “The rest of us would be happy to buy slightly more expensive lettuce.”

Once again, Tucker is completely right. Bringing in foreign workers to undercut a fair market wage is exactly what the big agricultural industry wants to do, and like the Democrats, they want to use this crisis to get their own way!

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