Trump Unleashed: ‘We Don’t Have Freedom Of The Press’

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On Sunday, President Donald Trump launched some of his strongest attacks on the media to date, accusing them of not reporting stories that would cast Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in a bad light.

Trump told Fox News Channel’s Maria Bartiromo that the media’s refusal to look in to his allegations of voter fraud was “suppression by the press” during a phone-in interview.

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Trump Cites Suppression Of New York Post’s Hunter Biden Story

Trump was speaking about his campaign’s efforts to expose what they claim is massive voter fraud, and also the effort to bury negative Biden stories.

“The media doesn’t want to talk about it,” President Trump said. “They know how fraudulent this is. It’s no different than Hunter. It’s no different than Hunter.”

Trump was referencing the Post’s articles about questionable business dealings of the former vice president’s son, Hunter Biden, and the media refusing to touch the story or it being suppressed on social media.

“They don’t want to talk about Hunter, so they totally closed it off, big tech and the media, other than The New York Post, as you remember, which took a lot of heat,” Trump said.

“It was terminated,” he continued. “It was terminated from, I guess, Twitter, maybe Facebook.”

When the New York Post first published its Hunter Biden story weeks before the election, Twitter labeled it as false or misleading and added additional steps for users to share the story.

Trump: ‘We Don’t Have Freedom Of The Press In This Country’

Trump said this showed that press freedom was under attack in America – by the media.

“But it’s a situation, the likes of which — we don’t have freedom of the press in this country. We have suppression by the press,” Trump said. “They suppress.”

The president added, “You can’t have a scandal if nobody reports about it. This is the greatest fraud in the history of our country, from an electoral standpoint.”

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Trump: ‘They Cheated’

Trump wondered what might be “bigger from an electoral standpoint.”

“And I guess you could build it up bigger than an electoral stand — what’s bigger from an electoral standpoint?” he said. “What is bigger than this?”

“This is the essence of our country,” Trump observed. “This is the whole ball game.”

“And they cheated,” the president insisted.

The President’s campaign is still alleging voter fraud, and several lawsuits are pending in several states. 

The national media and social media fact-checkers insist there is no evidence pointing to widespread fraud.

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