Trump Surprised Young Kids On a White House Tour

President Donald J. Trump re-opened White House tours today, and the first group of 5th grade students got the surprise of their lives!

The students, who were from Alabama, were on a tour when suddenly President Trump himself jumped out from behind a screen. The students clap and scream with surprise. They are so happy! Watch:

But guess where the meeting took place? Right in front of a massive painting of former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Do you see it?

President Trump encouraged the kids to “work hard” and he gave many hugs. But some in the liberal media noticed the picture behind him. Maybe it was an accident and coincidence, but I think it’s symbolic.

The kids will never forget this day.

What do you think about Trump surprising this group of 5th graders? Please leave us a comment (below) and tell us what you think.

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