Trump Sues Oversight Committee Chairman Over ‘All-Out Political War’ Against Him

Declaring that House Democrats have engaged in an “all-out political war” against him, President Trump is fighting back with a lawsuit to block a subpoena seeking information about his personal and business finances.

Rep. Jim Jordan wrote a scathing letter last week in which he revealed that House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings had drawn up a secret “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU), signed by Reps. Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff, which was designed to coordinate their harassment efforts against President Trump.

Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, had vowed to continue investigating the President’s finances and connections for as long as it takes. Waters, the House Financial Services Chairwoman, has vowed to investigate anything and everything about Trump, whether real or imagined.

And Cummings last week sent a subpoena to an accounting firm that Trump had used to prepare several years worth of financial statements.

Trump and the business have countered with a lawsuit against Cummings – a lawsuit that accuses Democrats of having “declared all-out political war” by using “subpoenas are their weapon of choice.”

The President’s lawyer labeled Cummings and the Oversight Committee Democrat’s efforts in trying to retrieve confidential information “lack[ing] any legitimate legislative purpose,” while saying it “is an abuse of power” and “just another example of overreach by the president’s political opponents.”

All true statements.

Presidential Harassment

Jay Sekulow, the lawyer for Trump, used a phrase the President himself has used several times on social media in describing the behavior of the radical resistance party.

“We will not allow Congressional Presidential harassment to go unanswered,” Sekulow told NBC News.

Trump has previously used the phrase “presidential harassment!” typically in all caps tweets. And he’s recognized that the harassment is never going to stop.

“Now that they realize the only collusion with Russia was done by Crooked Hillary Clinton & the Democrats, Nadler, Schiff and the Dem heads of the committees have gone stone cold CRAZY. [They sent] 81 letter[s] … to innocent people to harass them. They won’t get ANYTHING done for our country!” Trump blasted, even before the lightly redacted version of the Mueller Report had been released.

“[It’s] the greatest overreach in the history of our country,” he added.


The President, of course, is correct. Now that the Mueller witch hunt hasn’t panned out the way Democrats had hoped, they will shift focus to Trump’s private financial dealings even dating back well before he announced his bid for the White House.

What will happen when those fishing expeditions yield no catch? They’ll pivot to some other fabricated scandal.

The President has no choice but to fight back against the Democrat overreach.

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