Has anyone been talking about Donald Trump’s alleged acts of sexual misconduct in the media the past week?

I haven’t heard much about it, which is surprising from a media hellbent on destroying Trump. Just weeks ago there seemed to be a new woman coming forward every day claiming to have been sexually harassed by The Donald, the the renewed FBI investigation into Hillary has forced them to pull the plug on that story and do damage control for Hillary.

It could also be that there isn’t much merit to such claims of abuse. Trump has been in the public eye for longer than I’ve been alive – and yet every single one of his accusers waited until within one month of a national election to come forward? They’re all aware of how wealthy the man is, and could’ve come forward years (or in some cases, decades) ago and walked away with nice settlements if their claims were true. The fact that they didn’t bother to do so gives me the impression that they’re looking for attention – or to sway the election.

In fact, for many of the women, coming forward may have not even been their idea at all.

The Apprentice loser and Trump “fake rape” accuser Summer Zervos was bribed $500,000 by Democrat fundraiser and lawyer Gloria Allred to make her accusations against Donald Trump, a deal that was shopped around to other ex-Apprentice contestants too, according to anonymous sources familiar with the matter.

Trump sexual assault

GotNews’ source tells us that Zervos’ sexual harassment accusation against Trump is a “completely fabricated hoax.”

Trump sexual assault

Zervos was paid half a million dollars by Gloria Allred, which is being paid out “slowly over time” according to our source.

So at least one case is a hoax – and considering that it’s Trump threatening to sue his accusers after the election, the rest likely are as well.

Bill Clinton’s accusers on the other hand? They’ve been telling the same story for decades now.

H/T GotNews

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