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Flashback: That Time Donald Trump Stepped In To Save A Family Farm

If you’ve watched the news media over the past couple of years, you’d be hard-pressed to come to any conclusion other than the notion that President Trump is a downright evil man.

Liberal journalists have been infatuated with painting the man as a racist, misogynist, xenophobe, Islamophobe, and an overall jerk.

The reality, however, is that stories throughout his life show that Trump is a complicated man – brash and boisterous in the public eye, kind and big-hearted behind the scenes.

Numerous examples of this have been revealed on these pages alone. Here’s another …

In 1986, known only as “a New York developer,” Donald Trump stepped in to save a family farm in Georgia when nobody else could.

The story involves a farm that was owned by Lenard Dozier Hill III that had been in his family for over 100 years.

Hill’s farm was being sold out from under him due to a crushing debt of $300,000. It was being auctioned off on the local courthouse steps. Hill, unable to bear the thought of losing the farm, hatched a desperate plan to save it for his family and the next generation.

His plan was flawed. Hill decided to commit suicide on the day his home was to be auctioned, hoping his life insurance policy would pay off his debts. He did not realize most policies have a provision that prevents collection in the event of a suicide.

The story of Mr. Hill’s desperate attempt to save his farm went national, eventually catching the eye of Donald Trump.

The future President paid $20,000 to prevent foreclosure, then helped fuel donations to the family. He and an oil tycoon would then pay off the remaining $78,000 owed on the farm, thus saving it for Hill’s family!

The New York Times reported on the story in 1986 – a story they’d more than likely ignore in a day and age of trying to vilify this same man.

“Donald Trump, the New York real estate tycoon, helped prevent foreclosure today on a family farm whose owner had committed suicide to try to save his land,” they wrote.

Check out the touching story as told by Betsy Sharp, Lenard Dozier’s daughter, below …

Sharp came back around in 2016 to tell the story of how then-candidate Trump had saved the family farm.

“Today my brother lives on the farm and he has one of his daughters, they have built a house,” Sharp told onlookers at a campaign rally in South Carolina. “But if it wasn’t for his generosity, his kind heart – he didn’t know us from Burke County at all.”

“What I want you all to know is how kindhearted and caring he is,” she added. “He cares about America. He cares about farmers, He cares about veterans. He truly wants to make America great again …”

He’s doing so through a lifetime of examples. Examples such as this one on how to make people’s lives better.

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