Aside from the fact that Democrats find it a horrifying notion that the American people could keep more of their own money, the Republican tax cut legislation might offer an even worse scenario in their mind.

Lower taxes could result in votes for President Trump.

At least that’s what a former top adviser to Hillary Clinton is worried about.

Philippe Reines told a gathering of interns in Washington that he’s concerned millennials might start gravitating to the Republican side of things if they see their taxes go down.

“I think millennials have to, they have to, they more than anyone have to say this is not normal,” Reines said of the Trump presidency.

“I hope millennials don’t fall into a lull,” he added. “God knows how many of them will see their taxes go down and base it just on that …”

Nothing concerns a Democrat more than the common folk keeping more of their own money. They feel the government is entitled to it. And God forbid those millennials will see their taxes go down, have more cash in their pocket, and think ‘Hey, this is a good thing.’

Honestly, Reines shouldn’t be worried at all. Democrats insisted that tax reform was going to result in the world ending. There won’t be anything to vote for.

Reines is a prime example of why the Clinton camp can’t grasp why they lost in 2016. They can’t understand why taxpayers would want to keep their hard-earned money.

Bear in mind, he was making these comments in front of a gathering of interns, many of whom are presumably millennials themselves. He essentially just urged them not to be dumb enough to be swayed by lower taxes.

The former Clinton adviser also told the crowd of interns that the only man who could defeat Trump was former President Barack Obama.

Do Democrats fear lower taxes because it will cost them votes? Share your thoughts below!

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