Trump Made a Multi-Billion Dollar Deal for America in Vietnam

While many know President Trump’s recent summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un did not end with a denuclearization agreement, Trump did not leave Vietnam empty-handed: The president helped secure a $15 billion deal that could benefit Americans back home.

Thanks to the president’s efforts, Vietnam companies Bamboo Airways and VietJet Aviation JSC have signed deals to purchase 110 aircrafts from Boeing.

Bamboo will reportedly buy 10 787-9 Dreamliners with a ticket price of about $3 billion. VietJet has reportedly ordered 100 737 Max worth $12.7 billion.

These deals were signed in front of Trump and Vietnam President Nguyen Phu Trong, according to reports.

American Manufacturer Meeting Vietnam’s Needs

“Vietnam’s airlines are expanding their fleets as rising incomes and the region’s growing economies are spurring many to fly for the first time, boosting demand in the Asia Pacific, whose air-travel market is projected to surpass that of North America and Europe combined,” Fortune reports. “Demand in Vietnam is also expected to climb after U.S. regulators last month gave their approval to the nation’s air-safety system, making its airlines eligible to begin direct flights to the U.S. and codeshare with American carriers.”

While Trump was making this great deal for America workers, Democrat Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon made fun of the president.

Democrats Can’t Stand When Trump is Successful

“A president and a dictator met in Hanoi” Merkley tweeted. “One has demanded unquestioned loyalty, bragged about his nuclear arsenal, attacked the press, and employed family members as his advisors. The other is Kim Jong-un.”

Completely classless. Has Merkley made any $15 billion deals for his constituents lately?

Of course, Democrats will continue to find only negative things to say about this president. It’s all they know.

But while Trump was no doubt disappointed that his summit with North Korea wasn’t more productive, shouldn’t everyone – including Democrats – be glad that he emerged from Vietnam with something of benefit to America?

In the end, isn’t it what’s best for the country that’s most important?

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