Trump Landslide? Sure – Even With These Left Bent Polls, Why Not?

Why do I keep writing about the crazy polls that are almost 100% against President Trump, because there are usually a few in the bunch that loses reality and worries themselves after they’ve heard conspiracy after conspiracy.

These polls are designed to make it look like Trump is a sure loser – so that when he wins these polls will be cited as proof that he ‘obviously’ stole the election. Supporting evidence will be the long wait (3-4 weeks) to find out election results with all of the mail-in-ballots.

We’ll hear stories of millions of disqualified ballots, ballots not arriving to the voter, ballots being turned in late that must be counted, found ballots that must be counted, etc.

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All that will be coupled with Trump being used (blamed) for the destabilization. Trump’s (‘stolen’) re-election is being set up as the excuse for the coming insurrection.


If anyone does concern me about 2020, it that there are actual mobile Americans, supposedly cognizant, and supposedly rational thinking (by their own declarations), that believe that Joe Biden would make a better president than anybody else, let alone, better than Trump.

It is a sad statement for homo sapiens.

Pennsylvania is the ”keystone state” and the keystone in Trump’s triumphant arch insomuch whoever wins Penn wins the White House and unfortunately for the Democrats Biden has already destroyed himself by packing that idiotic ”new green deal ” with AOC.

Furthermore, those rustbelt states are exactly the place for the ”forgotten man” or white working-class that supports President Trump that whole region is the lynchpin of the entire campaign.

I bet Trump wins every single midwest swing state in a repeat of what happened in the last British election when labor voters in the post-industrial heartlands jumped ship on mass and voted for the conservatives for the first time in their lives.

They were fed up with being taken for granted and ignored over recent immigrants and minorities. Something very similar is going to happen in swing states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, etc.


We on the right are intelligent enough to know good from bad while the left seems totally ignorant re same. We on the right seem to know a lot of America’s history while the left seems to despise what little they know about our country’s history or they are simply unAmerican and determined to own the USA for their own collections of all the money and all the power.

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Decency seems to be unknown to the left as most are ragged, disgusting and overflowing with hatred of those who are knowledgeable, decent, kind, intelligent, and wonderful Americans. Those on the right never lie deliberately.

The left lies all the time….it seems to be natural for them. The left is determined to destroy our nation and we on the right despise that attitude, and they seem to get a thrill out of killing, maiming, hatred, and destruction. If you can disprove any of what I wrote, please do so, and please be truthful for a change.


I read three books in the last two months that turned out to have one common thread and that was the appeasement of the Soviet Union before and during WWII.

The first one I read was “The Forgotten 500” about a rescue mission of mostly American airmen who had to bail or crash land in Nazi-occupied Yugoslavia. Luckily these men ended up in the territory controlled by Mahailovich and the peasants that supported him.

However, our intelligence told the pilots they wanted to make sure they landed where Tito was. Both men were anti-nazi, but Tito fought harder against them so our government and the British decided Tito was their guy and so when the war ended the Soviets ended up with Yugoslavia, and Mahailovich was turned over to Tito where he was tried and executed.

The next book was “American Betrayal” by Diana West. She mentioned the Mahailovich incident in her book. She also mentioned the horrible treatment of POWs after the war. Which leads me to the last book, “Beyond the Call.”

This is a must-read. It’s about an air force captain Robert Trimble who made it through 35 bombing missions only to be recruited under false pretenses of being a salvage pilot for planes downed in Poland. He was sent to an American Base in Kiev which was run by the Soviets. He was actually made to be an OSS agent to save POWs.

He did an incredible job, but he ran into all kinds of issues with the Soviets. There was much appeasement of the Soviets at the expense of our own people and military personnel that he could stomach.

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These three books prove that nothing has changed in this country when it comes to dealing with communists.

Trump is in the driver’s seat to stop the spread of communism in this country but you have to be on board in a major way. Without you, this country is in trouble. I know that’s some heavy information to swallow but if you need a glass of water to drink it down, do so and then get on the Trump Train and start working.




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