Trump Is The Best President In American History! Here’s The Proof

The president tops the august list.


Donald Trump is doing a great job.

Even sane Democrats admit his performance on the economy is very good. But how does he rate when compared to other great American presidents?

At the top.

Other presidents like Reagan, Lincoln, Truman, and Teddy Roosevelt have excelled in several areas.

But in historical context only Trump has run the table in the areas most important to modern America.

He has restored national confidence, he has presided over an economic boom, and he has kept America safe.

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There have been times when presidents have brought the nation back from a crisis of confidence.

The most noted modern example is Reagan’s 1981 restoration of the American spirit after four years of Jimmy Carter.

Carter’s policies in the previous four year had ushered in high interest rates and inflation, a collapse of U.S. prestige abroad, and he blamed it all on the American people in his infamous “malaise” speech.

Reagan restored our nation and led us to economic recovery. But he did not stop runaway government spending.

Trump has gone over the government books, with his vast business acumen, and cut wasteful spending and federal waste. His grade on that is superlative.

That feeling, that there is someone at the helm that cares about average citizens, has made the nation feel great about itself again.

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Trump’s work on economics has been nothing short of magnificent. The stock market, historic job growth, and the psychological boost of a roaring economy have had the effect of making the boom sustainable at least in the medium term.

Others presidents have seen great economies. But none have brought the drastic change Trump did from a stalled economy to a dynamic one.

On our place in the world? The contrast is stark. The strike the killed Solemani is a case in point.

Before Trump America was on the decline and not taken at its word across the globe. Our friends felt betrayed and our enemies emboldened. No longer. America is back.

On those factors alone, Trump tops the list of U.S. presidents. After his reelection, he will cement his place on that list.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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