Trump is Right: Keep Your Hands Off The Electoral College

The name “United States of America” ought to provide some clues regarding the philosophy of the Electoral College. The Constitution is written to select the president the responsibility of state delegations. The people act through the states.

There has been a lot of talk about getting rid of the Electoral College by Democrat 2020 candidates because they do not want to talk about the current growing economy and low unemployment. This subject really should not matter because it requires a Constitutional amendment to make a change and right now, there is no way 38 states would ratify an amendment that gives only two states the right to select our President.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has taken up the subject of abolishing the Electoral College, but Warren seems to think it can be eliminated with the stroke of a pen. Along with the 38 states to ratify an amendment, she would need a 2/3 majority in both the House and Senate.

States with smaller populations are not going concede their input in national elections to large states and large predominantly Blue urban areas.

Both sides complain about the Electoral College every time we end up with a candidate we don’t like, more often the Democrats, since they’ve been losing of late. As someone who supports the President, let me say that the Electoral College is the only thing that ensures ALL Americans who choose to vote are represented. If Democrats are having a problem winning elections, they need to broaden their appeal.

That’s all there is to it.

The Electoral College has more to do with states’ rights than it does voting rights. Our Founding Fathers came up with a brilliant system that has outlasted all other modern attempts at constitutional republics. Let’s not let the wannabe rulers change it. Let’s stick with the geniuses who understood liberty and why we should limit federal power.

We’re a Republic, not a Democracy. In a republic, all states are represented evenly. In a democracy, three wolves and two lambs decide what’s for dinner. It’s not that complicated.

Here are a few points about the Electoral College:

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