After Barack Obama criticized the U.S. response to the coronavirus crisis, Donald Trump blasted the former president as “grossly incompetent.”

‘Grossly incompetent’

Trump was asked about Obama’s criticism outside the White House on Sunday, to which the President replied, “Look, he was an incompetent president, that’s all I can say. Grossly incompetent.”

Obama had criticized the U.S. response to the virus Saturday but did not name President Trump or any government officials.


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Former President Obama made his comments during a livestreamed event.

Obama Slams Trump Administration

“More than anything, this pandemic has fully, finally torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks in charge know what they’re doing,” Obama said. “A lot them aren’t even pretending to be in charge.”

The US has become a primary victim among nations of the COVID-19 pandemic, with more than 1.5 million confirmed cases and more than 89,000 deaths.

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President Trump said Sunday, “I think we had a great weekend. We did a lot of terrific meetings.”

“Tremendous progress is being made on many fronts, including coming up with a cure for this horrible plague that has beset our country,” he added. “It was a working weekend, it was a good weekend. A lot of very good things have happened.”

Trump Getting High Approval Ratings

Despite Obama’s criticism, President Donald Trump just scored a huge victory over his predecessors when it was revealed he had his highest Gallup approval rating on May 13. Trump’s current approval rating is 49 percent, a higher number than four of the last six presidents at this same point during their presidencies.

The Political Insider/Lifezette reported Sunday, “On his 1,209th day in office, Trump’s approval rating was 49 percent. On Barack Obama’s 1,209th day in the White House, his approval rating was at just 47 percent, while George W. Bush’s was at 46 percent at this day of his in office. Meanwhile, on the 1,209th day of their presidencies, Bill Clinton had a 55% approval rating, George H.W. Bush was at 40%, Ronald Reagan at 52%, and Jimmy Carter at 38%.”

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It should be noted that Obama, George W. Bush, Clinton, and Reagan were all able to win reelection after having these numbers.

Trump’s 49 percent approval rating matches his all-time high, which he achieved on April 28 and March 22 of this year.