Trudeau Freezes Canadian Truckers’ Bank Accounts, Truckers Say ‘We Will Hold The Line’

Trudeau Freezes Canadian Truckers' Bank Accounts, Truckers Say 'We Will Hold The Line'

In a desperate attempt to hold onto power over average Canadians, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland stated that the Trudeau administration would be “following the money,” and “stopping financing of illegal blockades.”

They plan to do this by freezing the corporate accounts of truckers participating in the peaceful protests against mask and vaccine mandates in Canada. It was also announced that the vehicle insurance the truckers have on their tractor trailers will be suspended.

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Government Crackdown On The Freedom Convoy

In what began as a protest by Canadian truckers against a rule that said they must be vaccinated if they cross the U.S.-Canada border or face a 14-day quarantine upon returning to Canada has developed into a standoff between the Trudeau government and ordinary Canadian citizens tired of COVID restrictions.

Also on Monday, Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, the first time since its passage in 1988. The wording of the Act states that it may only be used in “urgent and critical situations,” that “seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians.”

During Monday’s press conference, Trudeau stated that the reason for the crackdown on the trucker’s protest “is about keeping Canadians safe, protecting people’s jobs.”

You can listen to the full press conference here:

He added that law enforcement would be given “more tools” to not only jail and fine protesters, and that legislation, which is required for implementation of the Emergencies Act would be “applied temporarily,” and “in a highly specific manner.”

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What Does The Emergencies Act Do?

For 30 days, the Emergencies Act gives Trudeau power to prohibit any public assembly, travel, and the use of certain designated property. It is likely being invoked under the ‘public order’ category, one of four categories of emergencies that can be used.

There are four different scenarios in which the law can be invoked, none of which rise to the level of the current situation. The Premiers of each effected province must also sign off on invoking the Emergencies Act or it is revoked. There is one big problem however, lawful protests do not qualify for invocation of the Act. 

Reactions to the Act’s invocation were mixed. Ontario Premier Doug Ford supported the move, however, Quebec Premier Francois Legault said he believed it may “throw oil on the fire.”

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Tale Of Two Countries

Freeland also stated that the Trudeau government would broaden Canada’s “Terrorist Financing Laws” to include any cryptocurrencies and crowdfunding websites.

The latest round of harsh measures against the truckers is a stark contrast to the stance Justin Trudeau took just last year when he supported a group of Indian farmers who blocked highways into the capital city of New Delhi for a year in protest.

At the time, Trudeau stated that, “Canada will always be there to defend the right of peaceful protest.” As of last week, the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island all plan to eliminate some or all COVID restrictions. 

And as of last weekend, the Ambassador bridge that links Detroit with Windsor Ontario that had been blocked by protesters was reopened. But the truckers say they are not going anywhere. 

Protest leader Tamara Lich said to the Associated Press that they are not intimidated by Trudeau’s threats. “There are no threats that will frighten us. We will hold the line.”


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