Top House Democrat Hakeem Jeffries Unceremoniously Throws Biden Under the Bus – He’s Finished, Folks

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At this point, just about everyone in America and around the world knows the President of the United States is incapable of doing his job.

He proved it over and over again last night.

Remember all the gaslighting from the media and Democrats about how Biden is secretly an intellectual giant, waxing intellectual in private? Yeah. Sure, guys.

Just look at this again, and tell me that – only in secret meetings where only Democrats are present – Biden is the next Albert Einstein:

But the debate itself wasn’t Joe Biden’s biggest problem. And it’s not his biggest threat. No, that comes from inside the Democrat House.

Hakeem Jeffries Throws Joe Biden Under the Bus

Enter Hakeem Jeffries – currently the Minority Leader in the House. If he’s not the third most powerful Democrat behind Biden and Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, he’s in the top five. So what he says should carry a lot of weight.

And what he said is really bad for Biden.

The Associated Press’ congressional reporter Farnoush Amiri asked Jeffries if Biden “is the most effective messenger for Democrats.” Read that as, “if Biden should remain the Democrat nominee.”

And that’s when Jeffries completely threw President Biden under the bus:

“President Biden is scheduled to speak today around noon, as I understand it, in North Carolina. I’m looking forward to hearing from President Biden. And until he articulates a way forward in terms of his vision for America at this moment, I’m going to reserve comment about anything relative to where we are at this moment, other than to say I stand behind the ticket. I stand behind the Senate Democratic majority. And of course, we’re going to do everything that we need to do as House Democrats to win.”

Yeesh! He might as well have said “step down.” To me, this reads like an ultimatum to the President. You’ll notice Jeffries stands behind “the ticket,” not Joe Biden. Then he rattles of completely unrelated topics to try to wiggle out of it.

These are truly amazing times, friends.

Where Do Democrats Go From Here?

Your humble correspondent is torn on this question. It can go one of a few ways.

First, Biden sticks to his guns. As I understand it, removing him from the ballot at this point requires his consent. Will he do it? He’s a stubborn son-of-a-gun, God love him. I’d say the chances of this are 50-50.

Second, Biden agrees to step down. But who takes his place? The difference between the Democrat Party and the Republican Party is that the former is smart, and good at politics. Democrats know they can’t put barely-literate Kamala Harris against Trump’s artillery. She’ll get eaten alive even worse than Mr. Magoo.

The conventional wisdom is that Biden would be replaced with California Governor Gavin Newsom. That’s a strong play by the Democrats, at a time when people are whining about the age of the candidates. Of course, California is a five-alarm dumpster fire, so this isn’t a magic bullet.

Enter the magic bullet: Michelle Obama. I’ve been predicting this for some time now. There simply couldn’t be a better move for Democrats than to have Michelle ride in at the last minute to save the Party and revive the Obama Era.

The third option: Shenanigans. Maybe Biden drops out under circumstances less than completely voluntary. Lord only knows what kind of machinations are currently going on behind the scenes.

One thing is for certain: The chances of Biden going are greater than his chances of staying.

Immediately after the debate, both CNN and MSDNC were making open calls for Biden to step down. I’ve never seen such a thing in my decades as a political scientist.

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