Tim Allen’s wildly popular sitcom “Last Man Standing” is returning to Fox, and if Allen’s recent media “upfronts” are any indication, the new show will not lose any of its conservative bite. (RELATED: Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ to Return On Fox).

Speaking with the media in New York City, Allen sarcastically proclaimed that new season will be “very PC” and that his character, Mike Baxter, will “identify as an Asian woman” in a European man’s body. “I’m going to identify as an Asian woman that wants to be a European man,” Allen joked. “So I stay where I am. But in my head, we’ll do the journey of what it’s like to be an Asian woman in a European man’s body. I eat a lot of Ramen. You’ll see a lot of Asian dishes. It will be subtle.”

Clearly, Allen is just as staunch and unapologetic in his humor as ever.

However, all joking aside, Allen also stated that he believes PC culture is “dangerous” – and he wishes people would lighten up for the sake of comedy. “I don’t want to be PC and for all of us in the stand-up world, all of us are seeing this and feeling this, and it’s a little dangerous and uncomfortable that there is things you can’t say because it might hurt people’s feelings,” he explained.

“Comedy” has certainly taken a sharp turn to the left since the election of President Donald Trump, but it’s not just in the stand-up world that people aren’t allowed to say or do certain things. Kanye West recently learned that, if you’re black, you’re not allowed to say anything positive or supportive about Trump or conservatism in general.

Conservatives in higher education have long been discouraged from speaking their minds and sharing their ideas because God forbid anyone disrupt the liberal echo chamber. And let’s not get started on social media; if you say anything espousing an idea or thought anywhere right of socialism and/or communism on Twitter or Facebook, expect to be shamed and attacked.

How did we get here? Speaking during the media upfronts, Allen recalled a children’s rhyme we all know: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never break them.”

But these days, people treat words like they are bullets fired from a gun, capable of doing actual physical harm. But Allen argued that words themselves don’t mean anything. Instead, he said, “it’s the intent behind the words” that matters. And if people can’t learn to understand a joke when they hear it, society is certainly doomed.

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