Liberal Hosts on ‘The View’ Get Slammed by Fox News’ Harris Faulkner

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The only kind of diversity that liberals don’t respect is the most important kind: intellectual diversity.

That was evident during a recent appearance of Fox News’ Harris Faulkner on ABC’s The View. Faulkner, an African-American woman, was questioned by one panelist about the “problematic” abundance of white people present on the conservative network. “When I turn on Fox — and I do sometimes — and I see you,” co-host Sunny Hostin said yesterday. “I feel like I’m looking at a unicorn.”

Hostin then said she found it “fascinating” that Faulker didn’t support Colin Kaepernick’s “taking the knee protest.” Would it be equally fascinating if a white person supported it? Just wondering…

Hostin then pressed Faulkner, asking, “Do you get flak from the black community and for being the only black woman on Fox News?”

And Faulkner’s response was perfect: “You have been in that environment so you know, and you have been in broadcast for a long time, and we have talked at other points. I get flak from everybody. Which is how I know I’m living my truth.”

In response, Hostin further revealed how tribal she is, asking Faulker, “Do you feel responsible to the black community?”

Faulkner replied, “I feel responsible to everyone.  I know you say I’m the only one on Fox (woman of color with a daily show).” She continued with a very pertinent line of questions: “But where is MSNBC’s? Where is CNN’s? I think HLN (has one), and that’s new.” And speaking of people of color with daily shows on Fox, Hostin was specifically speaking of women. Charles Payne is another black American with a daily show on Fox, specifically Fox Business.

You can check out the whole exchange below:

It’s a bit amusing that Faulkner was criticized for being the lone black person with a daily show on Fox News, when Fox’s competitors have fewer. And it was great to watch Faulkner beat liberals at their own game. Not only did she hold her own as a strong, independent black woman, but she emphasized the importance of looking out for every America, not just those who share her skin color.

That’s what being an American and a journalist is all about: treating everyone the same and seeking out the truth no matter the obstacles in your way. Faulkner’s liberal colleagues are too obsessed with race to even have a substantive dialogue about America’s true problems with her.

And that leaves the country worse off.

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