The January 6th Commission Isn’t About The Truth – It’s About Silencing Conservatives

january 6 commission

In the movie Darkest Hour, Winston Churchill declares, in response to the idea that Britain could negotiate and appease Hitler to avoid defeat, “You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth.”

The 35 House Republicans who joined with Nancy Pelosi in voting for a sham January 6 commission would do well to heed that advice, and so would Senate Republicans.

The proposed January 6 commission has absolutely nothing to do with finding out what happened that day, which is why you don’t hear Pelosi – or her new pal Liz Cheney – asking why the only person who died on that day was an unarmed female Trump supporter, a military veteran – who was shot and killed by police – and yet to this day we still don’t know the identity of who shot her or why she was shot.

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The sham January 6 commission isn’t looking for answers, they are looking for facts to support the conclusion they have already reached.

Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media want the American people to believe that January 6 was an “armed insurrection” – despite the fact that not one gun was recovered from the Capitol.

An “armed insurrection” ordered by President Trump – despite the fact Trump himself called for a peaceful march to the Capitol.

And an “armed insurrection” ordered by President Trump that intended to violently seize control of the government – though no one has bothered to explain to us how a couple hundred unarmed people – including the elderly and the obese – planned on seizing control of the government.

The January 6 commission is about one thing and one thing only – extending the usefulness of the events of January 6 as a political weapon for Democrats to wield.

The reason why the left and the legacy media have so aggressively gaslighted Americans about January 6 is because they recognize what an incredibly powerful weapon that day could be in ending Trump’s political career, blowing up the America First movement, and silencing the tens of millions of conservatives who supported Trump and his policies.

No one wants to be considered a “traitor” and yet that’s the label the left has gleefully pegged on anyone who voted for Trump as a result of the gaslighting around January 6.

The aftermath of January 6 was never about apprehending and prosecuting the handful of individuals who actually meaningfully broke the law, it was always about implicating the hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans who peacefully gathered in DC on January 6 and the 75 million Americans who voted for President Trump in November of 2020.

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The 35 House Republicans who voted for this sham foolishly believe that they can negotiate with Pelosi, Schumer, and the media.

They believe that if they join the effort to gaslight Americans about what happened that day, if they look sufficiently outraged, if they throw Trump and his supporters under the bus, that they can appease their opponents.

They are deeply, deeply wrong.

Every conservative – regardless of how they felt about Trump – came out strongly against the violence on January 6. No one defended it and yet that appeasement failed to satiate the left.

Turncoat Republicans in both chambers joined with Democrats in attempting to impeach Trump in the wake of January 6, and yet that appeasement failed.

Hundreds of individuals have been arrested in an unprecedented use of federal power to prosecute even the most minor of infractions from January 6, and yet that has not satisfied the left.

Individuals arrested from January 6 have in many cases been held without charges for months. An absurd abuse of power that still didn’t appease those screaming for more.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube deplatformed President Trump and grassroots conservatives and conservative organizations – and yet that didn’t appease them.

None of the appeasement of the last five months has worked, and neither will supporting a sham January 6 commission.

The Democrats and their allies in the media have our heads in their mouths and as long as they do you cannot negotiate with them.


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