The Great (Re)-awakening Of America First Is Here

On January 6, 2021, hundreds of thousands of supporters of President Donald J. Trump came to Washington, DC to rally in support of the President.

Those hundreds of thousands who came to DC represented the 75-plus million Americans who voted to re-elect President Trump.

I was lucky enough to be handling the press that day for the organization who sponsored the rally – Women for America First. I stood just feet from the stage and watched as President Trump spoke to the patriotic Americans in attendance.

The event was entirely peaceful – not a single incident of violence – Hell, despite being crammed into the ellipse like sardines, people didn’t even push or shove as the crowd slowly exited after the President’s speech.

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As the hundreds of thousands of patriotic and peaceful Americans left the Ellipse, a few miles away a couple hundred of idiots unlawfully entered the Capitol Building.

Despite the spin from the media and the left, this was not an “armed insurrection,” and the only individual killed that day was an unarmed female veteran who happened to be a Trump supporter – Ashli Babbitt.

To this day, we do not know which police officer shot and killed Ashli Babbitt, nor do we even know why the officer felt compelled to use deadly force.

What happened at the Capitol was dumb – but it wasn’t an armed insurrection – and it certainly had nothing to do with the rally the President spoke at earlier at the Ellipse. Neither the President nor the hundreds of thousands of peaceful Trump supporters bore any responsibility for the actions of a couple of hundred of idiots.

The media, the left and the Trump-hating Republican establishment, however, sensed an opportunity. A chance to not only finish off President Trump’s political career – once and for all – but an opportunity to silence the movement he had started.

Over the last few months, we have watched them attempt to impeach and remove President Trump over the absolutely ridiculous idea that he incited what happened at the Capitol, we have watched as Big Tech has used January 6 as a reason to deplatform the President, and then used January 6 as cover to deplatform thousands and thousands of Trump supporters.

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It didn’t end with Big Tech. Trump supporters who had nothing to do with the actions at the Capitol lost their jobs, lost clients and lost business as a result of the “armed insurrection” lie.

The goal was to make January 6 a hammer, which could be used to bludgeon and silence Trump supporters all across the country.

Many of us in the America First movement, myself included, wondered if it wouldn’t be best to simply keep our heads down after January 6. Hoping that the temp would go down and that cooler heads would prevail.

We hoped that by distancing ourselves from what happened at the Capitol and by loudly condemning the violence that the innocent, patriotic, and peaceful Trump supporters wouldn’t be tossed in with a handful of bad actors.

We were wrong – and more and more of us are beginning to understand that.

This past weekend, I was honored to be a part of the Save America Summit hosted by Women for America First – the organization that put on the event at the Ellipse on January 6.

What I realized at the amazing event in Florida was that we are beginning to experience the start of a great (re)awakening in the America First movement.

Finally, we have some in the conservative media who are beginning to push back against the mainstream media’s January 6 narrative. Julie Kelly, who writes at American Greatness, has been one of the most dogged and courageous leader in this effort.

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We finally have leaders in the movement begin to ask why no one in the media is interested in what happened to Ashli Babbitt.

More and more the leaders and the rank-and-file in the America First movement realize that we must fight back.

It is time to end our silence, time to push back and time to fight for the movement we believe so strongly in.


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Christopher Barron

is President of Right Turn Strategies. He is a contributor to The Hill, and a regular on the Kennedy Show on FOX Business and Unfiltered on Headline News. He was a media surrogate for the Trump campaign and organized LGBT for Trump.

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