Senator Ted Cruz and Mark Cuban had a heated exchange on Twitter over NBA players kneeling for the national anthem and criticizing China.

Cruz: “NBA Is Telling Everyone To Piss Off?”

The exchange between Ted Cruz and Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, started when Cuban replied to radio host Mark Davis. Davis expressed his excitement for the NBA, and the Mavericks, to get back in action following the coronavirus pandemic, but that “the minute one player kneels for the national anthem,” he was “out.”

Cuban dismissed the comment with a simple “bye,” implying the Mavericks would be fine with anyone kneeling for the anthem – a dismissal that did not impress Senator Cruz.

“Really??!? NBA is telling everyone who stands for the flag, who honors our cops and our veterans, to ‘piss off’? In Texas, no less?” Cruz tweeted. “Good luck with that.”

Cuban jumped back on Cruz’s response, implying that because the Senator did not directly quote tweet his first tweet, that he had no “balls.”

“Speak to me. It’s my tweet,” Cuban said.

This kicked off a fiery chain of tweets from Cruz, who mocked Cuban’s implication that he was scared of confrontation with the Mavericks owner.

“Yes, Mark, my communication tweeting out my response to the world was meant somehow to keep it a secret. Because you’re very scary,” Cruz said.


“Can You Say Anything Other Than ‘Chairman Mao Is Beautiful And Wise?'”

“Speaking of balls, tell us what you think about China,” he challenged Cuban. “I’ll wait.”

This is in reference to the recent bending of the knee that the NBA has done to the Chinese government, with players being banned from speaking out about Hong Kong, keeping their Chinese market happy.

“Let’s try simpler. Mark, tough guy, can you say ‘Free Hong Kong’?” Cruz asked when Cuban had not responded. “Can your players put that on their jerseys? Can you condemn the CCP’s concentration camps w/ 1 million Uyghurs? Can you say ANYTHING other than ‘Chairman Mao is beautiful & wise’?”

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A Terrible Cop-Out Response From Cuban

Cuban’s response was less than satisfactory for anybody watching the exchange:

I can say Black Lives Matter. I can say there is systemic racism in this country. I can say there is a Pandemic that you have done little to end. I can say I care about this country first and last and if you think I wont criticize China and what they do as it concerns American Citizens watch this and this movie. But I have never gotten involved in the domestic policies of ANY foreign country. We have too much to do here. And..Why is it that you take such pride in standing up to and speaking truth to the Chinese, but you have no ability to stand up to and speak the truth to [President Trump]?


What a complete cop-out from Cuban. We are seeing the genocide of the Uyghur people fold out right in front of our faces right now, along with the suppression of democracy in Hong Kong, and Cuban says that he doesn’t talk about the “domestic policies” of another country?? Although he did get one thing right. He can say “Black Lives Matter,” because that IS all the left will allow you to say in 2020.