The liberal cesspool of academia has long been in need of a conservative overhaul, as far-left educators continually try to indoctrinate students into their extreme beliefs.

This isn’t a mystery, and it will take years, if not decades, to weed out the extremists teaching our kids.

Why is that such an important thing? Take the following Georgian teacher for example, who told one of her students that their pro-Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ t-shirt was not allowed in school, much the same as a swastika is not allowed to be worn.

In brief, the teacher, allegedly a mathematics instructor from the Cherokee School District outside Atlanta, came up with this equation: MAGA = Swastika.

What a disgrace!

Worse, the teacher made the student, along with another, turn their shirt inside out for the “crime,” and they had to leave the classroom to do so.

This insanity prompted the school district to issue an apology for the teacher’s “inappropriate” behavior, though they’ve shielded her from further criticism by keeping her identity under wraps.

Via Fox News Insider:

A Georgia school district apologized after a teacher compared President Trump’s slogan to a Swastika and told a student they could not wear their #MAGA shirt to school any more.

“You cannot wear a Swastika to school – you cannot use a slogan like that,” the teacher told the student.

The whole ordeal was captured on the cellphone of another student. The footage was later turned in to the activist group Turning Point USA.

Note that the teacher identifies the exact problem in her mind – the very words “Make America Great Again.”

She has equated a pro-American theme with that of a Nazi regime that tried to extinguish a class of human beings. It boggles the mind.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen this kind of response to a Trump symbol. In April of last year, a liberal was overcome by the sight of a MAGA bumper sticker, and slashed an Army veteran’s tires in response. He felt the sticker was a “hate symbol” akin to a swastika.

That kind of triggered response, however, is more understandable for a bed-wetting young activist – not a tenured educator.

On Labor Day, we covered a speech former President Ronald Reagan gave in 1980 as he kicked off his campaign. In it, he stated four words that Trump supporters – and this teacher – might recognize.

“This country needs a new Administration,” Reagan explained. “With a renewed dedication to the dream of an America, an Administration that will give that dream new life and make America great again.”

Surprisingly enough, nobody once thought to characterize Reagan’s words as those of a Nazi symbol.

Does this teacher deserve to be fired for comparing ‘Make America Great Again’ to a swastika? Tell us what you think below!