As family members, dignitaries, and mourners gathered at Capitol Hill to honor the late President George H.W. Bush, liberals gathered at a book store in Washington, D.C. to hear porn actress Stormy Daniels dish dirt on Trump.

The contrast couldn’t be starker: men and women, including many from the extended Bush family, paid tribute to one of the most consequential presidents of the 20th century. (RELATED: Five Stories About George H.W. Bush You Need to Hear.) Meanwhile, liberals listened intently to a pornography star who claims to have had a lurid relationship with the President. And here’s the kicker: the Stormy talk was led by a journalist from The Washington Post.

This is supposed to be journalism?

This is how the prurient event began, via New York Times:

“Tonight, we will be talking about the president of the United States,” the journalist, Sally Quinn, began on Monday evening, introducing Stormy Daniels to a few hundred of her new fans, “while one of the most honorable presidents of the United States is lying in state at the Capitol.”

Quinn, who clearly has no shame, immediately pivoted attention to Donald Trump and his alleged affair with Daniels. All while George Bush laid on the Lincoln catafalque in a solemn ceremony.

To get a sense of the distance between the Capitol and the book store, here are directions from Google Maps:

And here’s a sampling of what occurred during Stormy Daniels’s showing:

It was reportedly record attendance:

And of course, Quinn, who is supposed to be an estimable journalist, admitted to watching Stormy on the screen:

So professional!

Stormy was actually promoting her new book Full Disclosure where she details her affair with Donald Trump. The book is a clear cash-grab that takes advantage of the voyeuristic fetishes of political junkies who hate Trump. In other words, it’s the literary equivalent of reading a copy of Playboy tucked inside a copy of the Smithsonian magazine while waiting for the commuter train.

Meanwhile, here were the solemn scenes from the Capitol Rotunda where people with far greater respect for themselves were honoring George H.W. Bush:

President Trump even paid a surprise visit to the Rotunda:

Quinn and The Washington Post should be ashamed of themselves for hosting such an event with such a tawdry individual in the same city where a great man was honored. Even the Clintons and Michelle Obama had enough sense to pause their respective tours in deference to President Bush.

Stormy and all her fans have no such respect.

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