Steve Bannon Turns Himself In Over Contempt Of Congress Charges, Tells Supporters To ‘Stay Focused’

Steve Bannon contempt of Congress
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Former Trump aide and strategist Steve Bannon turned himself in to the FBI field office in Washington D.C. Monday morning after being indicted by a federal grand jury for contempt of Congress.

Bannon indicated he would not comply with a subpoena to appear before the House committee citing executive privilege.

He was then indicted last week by the Department of Justice on two counts of contempt of Congress. He was charged with one count related to his refusal to appear for a deposition and another related to his refusal to produce documents. 

The House Committee is looking into the events of January 6, 2021 when protests over what was believed by many to be a fraudulent election turned violent and a riot ensued at the Capitol building.

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Not Backing Down

Steve Bannon appeared to be defiant and undaunted by the indictment as he urged his and Trump supporters to keep focused on the tasks at hand. To supporters outside the FBI office and on a social media live stream he said, “I don’t want anybody to take their eye off the ball of what we do every day.”

He continued saying, “We got the Hispanics coming on our side, African Americans coming on our side. We’re taking down the Biden regime every day. Remember: Signal not noise. This is all noise, that’s signal.”

Former Trump Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has also been subpoenaed to testify before the committee but has failed to appear citing executive privilege. In a statement, committee chair Reps. Benny Thompson (D-MS) and Liz Cheney (R-WY) said:

“Mr. Meadows, Mr. Bannon, and others who go down this path won’t prevail in stopping the Select Committee’s effort getting answers for the American people about January 6th, making legislative recommendations to help protect our democracy, and helping ensure nothing like that day ever happens again.”

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Finding The ‘Truth?’

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, when making the announcement of the Bannon indictment stated:

“Since my first day in office, I have promised Justice Department employees that together we would show the American people by word and deed that the department adheres to the rule of law, follows the facts and the law and pursues equal justice under the law.”

However, committee panel member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) seem a bit less about equal justice under the law, saying in the case of Meadows, the committee was moving to refer a criminal contempt charge.

“When ultimately witnesses decide, as Meadows has, that they’re not even going to bother showing up, that they have that much contempt for the law, then it pretty much forces our hand and we’ll move quickly.”

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Trump Witch Hunt

With plummeting poll numbers and crises piling up for the Biden administration, the January 6 Committee is beginning to appear like a distraction.

Along with Bannon and Meadows, roughly 30 people from the Trump Administration inner circle have been subpoenaed to testify before the committee including former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Senior Advisor Stephen Miller, and former Trump campaign official Katrina Pierson who was allegedly involved in the organization of the rallies.

Bannon’s daughter Maureen called the indictment, “a political witch hunt,” and also stated, “I think that this regime is deflecting on crisis after crisis after crisis that’s hitting the White House. So they’re going after my dad to make it seem like there’s nothing bad going on.”

If convicted, Bannon could face fines anywhere from $100 to $1000, and face prison time of anywhere between 30 days to one year for each count.

In typical Bannon fashion last week before the indictments were announced, he bucked up his listeners on his “War Room” podcast by reminding them, ‘Remember, there are no whining and no tears in the War Room.’

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