Stacey Abrams Repeats Claim That She Had Georgia Election Stolen From Her

Speaking at a campaign event for Democrat Terry McAuliffe, one-time Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams repeated claims that she had the 2018 election stolen from her.

Speaking at a campaign event for Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, one-time Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams repeated claims that she had the 2018 election stolen from her.

“Just because you win doesn’t mean you won,” she told those in attendance. 

She was, according to RealClearPolitics, warning McAuliffe of the potential for voter fraud.

Abrams went on to suggest that she wasn’t “allowed” to win in her race.

“I come from a state where I was not entitled to become the governor, but as an American citizen and a citizen of Georgia, I’m going to fight for every person who has the right to vote to be able to cast that vote,” Abrams said.

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Stacey Abrams Claims Election Stolen – Again

Stacey Abrams’ claims of being cheated out of the Georgia governor’s race have been a consistent theme for her for roughly three years.

It’s the kind of denial that would cause the media to mock former President Donald Trump for having a warped sense of reality. A denial that would be called the ‘big lie.’ That would result in a ban from social media platforms.

Abrams, however, skates untouched. 

Abrams refuses to accept the results from her 2018 election and pretends things actually turned out otherwise.

She told supporters at a luncheon in Houston in 2019 that she wasn’t “delusional” mere moments after declaring “we won” the Georgia gubernatorial race. (Hint: She didn’t).

Abrams has made similar claims – that she won the race for governor in 2018, despite election results showing she was soundly defeated by nearly 55,000 votes.

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McAuliffe Nods In Agreement

Perhaps even more remarkable than Stacey Abrams claiming the election was stolen yet again is that Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe stood behind her nodding vigorously in approval.

“Throughout Abrams’ remarks, McAuliffe nodded, occasionally quite vigorously,” Fox News reported.

The hypocrisy on the part of these Democrats didn’t escape anybody.

Eric Cunningham, editor-in-chief of Elections Daily, tweeted that there is little differentiation between Abrams’ claims and those made by Trump which has consistently been labeled by Democrats and the media as ‘the big lie.’

McAuliffe currently holds a slight lead in his race. Should he lose, will claims of voter suppression and a stolen election follow?


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