While I am certain they didn’t think they were voting for this, at least half of the country realizes this was the natural consequence of such voting.

They have spent years telling us how evil and uncaring we are because we refuse to vote the way they do, now is an excellent opportunity to tell them and really drive the point home that if you vote for liberal policies, you will end up with riots. So change your voting habits, or live with the consequences.

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Actually no, let the voters in these cities feel the pain. They need to save themselves by electing proper leaders. If the feds go in, then they’ll be blamed and the utopian morons will continue voting for the same people.

It’s not the duty of people who live outside the cities to go save the people in the cities. Let them save themselves from what they brought onto themselves.

Governors take an oath to defend the Constitution and the laws of the Constitution. Once they violate these laws, are they not able to be arrested and then impeachable?

Isn’t that what we call responsibility?


I asked a friend of mine, should we allow the voters who placed Democratic leaders in charge to feel the pain they voted for. He said: “feel the pain, they will. In increased tax rates. In reduced property values. In slower and slower public services. In fewer places to shop for what they need.”

“And soon when the socialist are fully in control, they will see not the neighborhood cop who lives just down the street from them, but the fully armed and indistinguishable para-military police force,” my friend continued. “The trouble makers will have long gone by then, but the residents will be left to live in the ashes.”

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I’m surprised that nobody has taken matters into their own hands yet, especially under the cover of darkness. Almost anything would be possible.

As far as waiting until the next election, what good is that in cities where elections are rigged? The cemeteries in Chicago might as well have signs on them that read, “We’re All Democrats Now.”


The country could maybe be divided along the line demarcated by: voter ID (and other election integrity methods). This would allow counties to decide: will you have honest elections, or not. If not, take your share of the national debt and leave.

The cost of building a bunch of border fences and guarding them would be less of a burden than having a bunch of election thieving (D)irtbags voting themselves freebies and trashing things with an expectation of the feds will always bail them out.

Fences don’t have to be high dollar productions if they are guarded perimeters of concertina wire with a minefield between. guarding would provide a lot of jobs. People could be allowed to emigrate if they can show they won’t be a burden. Blue cities that were encircled could decide to have election integrity, or their votes would simply not apply to the surrounding regions.

A big reason for the need for borders – to prevent the ruling scum from playing us against each other and enriching themselves with outsourcing.


From everything I’ve read, citizens of Portland and Seattle aren’t very interested in “saving” themselves; they’re letting this happen. For example, those two older women who were attacked by the mob when they tried to protect a building and put out a fire a couple of weeks ago; one had paint thrown at her, the other used a walker to ambulate and was attacked anyway. In post-attack interviews, they defended BLM and made clear they were Democrat.

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Those populations are gonna have to fight back before I can sympathize with them; let us see whose side they’re on, because it’s now become “us” and “them”.


Trump can only do so much, he needs the power of mathematical certainty that an unsustainable system cannot be sustained indefinitely for him to rebuild from the ashes of what once was great, and can be great again, but only first by being reconstructed from the ground up.

Eliminate the central bank, get off the petrodollar by becoming energy independent, and thus rendering its overstayed connection to oil irrelevant, and end by eliminating the dollar as a fiat currency in order to restore its true purchasing power.