Senator Mike Lee: Gas Prices, Inflation Due To ‘Excessive Government Spending’

mike lee gas prices

On, Wednesday, Republican Sen. Mike Lee argued that “excessive government spending” was one of the root causes for increasing gas prices and other products in the United States.

The fiscally conservative Senator made his comments on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

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Lee: Things Could ‘Get Worse’ If Spending Not Brought Under Control

Discussing the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, Lee lamented the gasoline shortage around the southeastern region of the country was “exacerbated” by “regulatory inadequacies” that have resulted in too few oil refineries.

The senator attributed this directly to massive government spending.

Sen. Lee said things could “get worse” if the federal government can’t finally figure out how to “restrain itself” from massive spending.

Lee told Fox News, “We face enormous challenges right now as we’re dealing with a shortage created by a cyberattack, a shortage that is exacerbated because of regulatory inadequacies that have resulted in our inability to construct new oil refineries.”

Lee then said this runaway spending was causing prices to surge on so many things.

He added, “And this also comes at a time when, due to government involvement, excessive government spending, we’re causing prices to hike on everything from gasoline to milk, to everything else people buy.”

So, this is a very difficult time for the American people, particularly those who live in the region most directly affected,” Lee said.

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Lee is one of the most fiscally conservative members of the U.S. Senate

The Utah Republican when issued a warning.

“These are going to get worse unless or until we figure out ways to make the federal government restrain itself so that it’s no longer harming people and causing prices needlessly to spike,” Lee finished.

On Wednesday, Bloomberg reported that inflation has hit consumer prices, rising faster than at any point since 2009. 

The core Consumer Price Index, or CPI, rose almost a full percent just since March.

Much like the wildly-missed jobs numbers for April, Bloomberg reports that so-called economists were totally blindsided: “The gain in the overall CPI was twice as much as the highest projection in a Bloomberg survey of economists.”

Sen. Lee has historically been one of the most fiscally conservative members of the U.S. Senate, criticizing overspending during the Trump era as much as he did the spending under former President Barack Obama and now, President Joe Biden.

Lee has frequently scored a 100% from conservative groups like FreedomWorks for his record on conservative issues like spending.


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