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Hirono Claims Trump Will Face Impeachment as ‘Every Turn’

“[T]his is the last response for these two days of questions and answers that I got from the president’s team, and that is, ‘Let’s just assume he did it. So what?’” Hirono said. “And I’ve been saying for a long time that’s probably what they’re going to end up with — you can say all of these things, but so what? The ‘so what’ means that this president, who believes that he can do anything he wants under Article 2 of the Constitution, will continue to go forward.”

“And I tell you, what the Trump team said, ‘Oh well you’re going to impeach him and convict him for what he did,’ that means this president is going to be facing impeachment at every turn,” Hirono continued.

‘I think our country is in great danger’

“What they really are afraid of is this president unfettered without a conviction means that he’s going to be doing a lot more stuff that will subject him to impeachment because that is what this guy is. He believes he is king now,” she added.

“I think our country is in great danger,” Hirono finished.

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The Democrats are Dangerous – Not Trump

This is comical. Does Hirono not think their lengthy and ridiculous impeachment push has taken everyone’s focus off of important policy issues–to the detriment of the country?

Couldn’t that be considered “dangerous?”

And while Hirono and other Democrats think Trump behaves like a king, they have busily invested everything they have into overturning the 2016 election.

Guess what other kind of figure might seek to undo the will of the people. Kings. Tyrants. Dictators.

All the things Dems continue to accuse Trump of being.

So before another Democrat accuses Donald Trump of being a “king” or having a heavy hand, they might want to look in the mirror.