Schools Launch BLM ‘Week of Action’ to Attack Nuclear Family, Promote ‘Queer-Affirming Network’

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The left-wing media labeled conservative and concerned parents of all political flavors as conspiracy theorists and extremists for claiming that Critical Race Theory was being taught in their children’s public schools. Liberal talking heads rolled their eyes on CNN and MSNBC, brushing off these arguments as merely coming from ill-informed common folk mixing up a college legal theory only taught in high-level law courses at universities.

It’s been a hell of a time to be a conspiracy theorist, as the last few years have proven that most conspiracy theories are less theory and more reality. One fell swoop, this week, in particular, proves that CRT is not only actively taught in public schools but elevated by teachers unions nationwide.

This week marks the Black Lives Matter Week of Action in public schools across the nation, and the curriculum reeks of CRT with a plethora of extreme anti-capitalist, racist, and gender ideology principles. If your child goes to public school, particularly in a liberal city, you might want to check their syllabus for the week.

What a week!

This week is the Black Lives Matter at School-sponsored Black Lives Matter (BLM) Week of Action for participating public schools. The various participating locations include the Chicago Teachers Union, Los Angeles Unified School District, and Milwaukee Public Schools.

The BLM Week of Action focuses on its four demands and 13 guiding principles. The four demands of BLM at School are:

  1. End Zero Tolerance and Implement Restorative Justice
  2. Hire & Retain Black Teachers
  3. Mandate Black History & Ethnic Studies
  4. Counselors Not Cops

Among the 13 guiding principles include:

  1. Restorative Justice
  2. Empathy
  3. Loving Engagement
  4. Diversity
  5. Globalism
  6. Queer Affirming
  7. Trans Affirming
  8. Collective Value
  9. Intergenerational
  10. Black Families
  11. Black Villages
  12. Unapologetically Black
  13. Black Women

You’ll notice at least three of those things are just nouns, not principles, but be easy on them, they probably went to public schools, too.

Of the more alarming principles, the organization defines transgender affirming as:

“…the commitment to continue to make space for our trans siblings by encouraging leadership and recognizing trans-antagonistic violence, while doing the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk.”

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Black Villages are defined as:

“…the disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics and a return to the “collective village” that takes care of each other.”

Because the “Western nuclear family dynamics” of a mother and father in the home have long been the plight of young black boys and girls…not the increased absence of fathers and mothers… right?

Nothing to be concerned about

In addition to “fostering a queer-affirming network” and “disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family,” the BLM at School organization has provided various teacher aids to participating districts. One such teacher’s preparation document titled 4 Things We Can Do to Prepare to Teach BLM at School Week challenges teachers to ask the following questions:

  • How are we being intersectional?
  • Trans-affirming and Queer affirming in our classrooms?

Another proposed lesson plan on how to teach the Black Panther Party for Pre-K and Kindergarten students was sent out to elementary school teachers. While understanding the history behind the Black Panther Party is value-added at an appropriate age level, it’s fair to argue that children who should be learning their ABCs, counting principles, and motor skills like sorting and following basic instructions don’t need to learn the finer points of the Black Panther Party.

But it’s even more problematic than the history of the Black Panther Party being taught to an inappropriate age group. The lesson plan is meant to promote the ten-point plan of the Black Panther Party.

The goal of all of these lesson plans and the week of action, in general, isn’t to educate children but to indoctrinate, activate, and mobilize for their Marxist, racist, gender-ideological cause.

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Focused on violence

Not only is the Black Lives Matter subgroup BLM at School pushing CRT and other harmful concepts onto America’s children, but they also have joined the progressive pro-terrorist bandwagon. After the October 7th Hamas attacks in Israel, the group published the following statement:

“BLM@School wants to be clear in our recognition that this unfolding loss of Palestinian and Israeli lives is the direct result of decades of Israeli settler colonialism, land dispossession, occupation, blockade, apartheid, and attempted genocide of millions of Palestinians. Palestinians are reminding us that decolonization is not a metaphor or abstraction, but requires real, daily struggle.”

Let’s not forget that this “struggle” and “reminder” came in the form of the brutal massacre of men, women, children, and babies. After the statement, the BLM at School organization released a Pro-Palestinian toolkit for teachers to use in grades Kindergarten through 12th Grade.

As American children of all backgrounds are struggling with reading, writing, arithmetic, science, and actual history, groups like Black Lives Matter at School and the complicit school districts working with the organization wish to further subject youth to indentured servitude to the BLM movement. While claiming to want to free black children and communities from the bondage of “systemic racism”, they are attempting to wrap chains of victimhood around the minds and souls of those same communities.

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