School Superintendent Candidate Has Job Offer Yanked for Politely Calling Two Women ‘Ladies’ in Email

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Get ready to wonder whether or not the whole world is in on some type of long haul, sick joke and that the whole ‘woke’ thing was just an elaborate prank, or if maybe humanity just isn’t worth praying for anymore.

According to a recent Fox News report, an inbound school superintendent in Massachusetts had his job offer revoked right before he would have started the job because he addressed (I kid you not) two female members of the school’s committee as “ladies” in an email.

Yes, he committed the leftist sin of calling multiple women “ladies.” He’s basically Hitler, right?

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Get Down With the Wokeness

Vito Perrone, the man at the center of this woke-travesty was, according to Fox, “offered the position as the head of Easthampton Schools on March 23, but was notified that the job offer had been withdrawn over his choice of salutation in an email to the chairperson and the executive assistant, both female, who reportedly interpreted his ‘ladies’ greeting as a ‘microaggression.’

A “microaggression” – for the normal people reading this – is something Marxists make up when they need to create problems that otherwise aren’t there.

Perrone told local press before the story was picked up nationally that he had sent a follow-up email simply to negotiate for higher pay and additional sick days “after calculating that the annual salary of $151,000 was around $14,000 less than his existing job as an interim superintendent at another school district.” He was far from someone being difficult, even willing to negotiate the salary.

“This job was not about the money for me,” said Perrone. “I honestly felt like I was coming home to Easthampton. I coached football here. I was principle here when we built the school. I have such wonderful memories. I was excited to come back.”

Little did he know, however, times had changed. Times had changed so much that he probably didn’t know that so-called ‘smart people’ can’t define what a woman is anymore.

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Nothing Makes Sense Anymore

In the email from Perrone to Chairperson Cynthia Kwiecinski and executive assistant to the committee, Suzanne Colby, he called them “ladies” at the top of the email. From there, things spun out of control.

Kwiecinski responded to Perrone saying that his use of “ladies” was “hostile and derogatory,” and that “the fact that he didn’t know that as an educator was a problem.” She also added that the term “ladies” was a “microaggression.”

On the bright side, at least they’re being honest about what “educators” are actually teaching.

Shortly after, Perrone was informed that following a committee vote, his job offer was officially revoked for the crime of being a normal human.

“I was shocked,” said Perrone. “I grew up in a time when ‘ladies’ and gentlemen’ was a sign of respect. I didn’t intend to insult anyone.”

“I don’t want people to think I was not willing to negotiate in good faith. I have chosen not to just leave as ‘negotiations stalled,’ I would rather share my truth, my sadness and disappointment and try to find a way forward positively.”

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Kwiecinski has since not responded to any attempts for comments by any local outlet, having told one that she “could not address internal matters.”

“Honestly, I am truly, truly disappointed that I won’t be in Easthampton in that building. I’m just sad.”

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