Schiff and Pelosi Mourn End of Wacky Californian Campaign for President

Marianne Williamson announces she's leaving the race for President of the United States

By David Kamioner | January 10, 2020

Perhaps too verklempt to speak publicly about it, Dem House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and her neck size-challenged Golden State pal Rep. Adam Schiff are no doubt prostrate with grief over the Friday end of the presidential campaign of spiritual guru and California incarnate candidate Marianne Williamson.

First Eric Swalwell, then Kamala Harris drops out of the hunt for the White House. Now this?

When will cruel fate stop targeting California Dems for presidential extinction?

Hopefully, never.

Williamson, who perhaps read days ago in tarot cards the news of her own campaign ending, had this to say about the matter, “I ran for president to help forge another direction for our country…As of today I’m suspending my campaign.”

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Her Quija Board and Santeria candles concurred.

This is actually part of a favorable trend in American politics, the rejection of the ideology of the failed state and socialist human engineering experiment that is modern California.

Long gone are the days of the Beach Boys and Governor and then President Ronald Reagan. Even the somewhat recent California of GOP Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is ancient history compared to the medieval public health standards and loony hard left mentality of the current state government.

And with the influx of illegal aliens and the Bolshevik political conditioning rife at the state’s public colleges, it doesn’t look likely to end anytime soon.

Thank the good Lord that President Trump and the GOP have found the electoral college math to politically quarantine and isolate the California of Pelosi and Schiff so, given its size and population, it does not dominate or play kingmaker in U.S. presidential politics.

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Just as up to the late 1980s it was almost automatically factored into the GOP totals on presidential election night, today it is in the bank for the Dems. Thus, they can ignore it and let the place rot. For they know it will vote with them pretty much no matter what.

As such, it will remain on the margins of national politics and ideological reality until, if ever, it regains its senses. For a state where the main industry is the make believe of the entertainment world, that outcome may be a long time coming.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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