Watch: Steve Scalise and Sam Johnson Race Scooters In The Capitol

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Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) is loving life. And why wouldn’t he be, having survived an assassination attempt on a congressional baseball field earlier this year?

Scalise has been using a scooter as he continues to recover from his injuries at the hands of a far-left, politically motivated terrorist.

The congressman challenged colleague Rep. Sam Johnson (R-TX), who, at 87-years-young, also uses a scooter, to a race.

In the Capitol.

The results were a pretty funny motorized battle throughout the Capitol building, complete with Johnson sporting a helmet …

It’s great to see Congressman Scalise having a little fun during his day, and the smile beaming from Congressman Johnson is pure gold.

Of course, left-wing trolls on social media had to deliver some attacks instead of just enjoying the moment.

Oh, I don’t think so snowflake. Just last month, Scalise said that being shot didn’t diminish his stance on gun rights, in fact it “fortified” them.

Then of course, there were the other usual suspects – the liberals who think any health care-related issue means Republicans have a double standard because they want to appeal Obamacare.

Others thought there should be a better use of time in the Capitol, seemingly unaware that lawmakers don’t work 24-hours per day.

Weird, I don’t recall anybody having a problem with Michelle Obama holding potato sack races in the White House.

Or when President Obama and Joe Biden went on a little jog around the White House.

Nope, the ‘R’ in front of their names means Scalise and Johnson are not allowed to have fun. Ever.

Oh well, it looks like Johnson won the race pretty handily in that video. We’re hoping to see a rematch fairly soon.

What do you think of the Capitol scooter race? Share your thoughts below!

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