Sanders on Fallon: Coronavirus Shows Why We Need Socialized Healthcare

Bernie Sanders

Speaking on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show, Senator Bernie Sanders said the coronavirus outbreak shows why the U.S. needs single-payer, socialized healthcare.

“The Government Will Pay That Bill”

Fallon asked Sanders about the current coronavirus outbreak, and wondered what his take was on appointing Vice President Mike Pence as head of the coronavirus task force. The socialist Senator from Vermont didn’t take long to launch into a diatribe against the President.

“That is the problem we have today, we have a president who is anti-science, doesn’t believe in the reality of climate change, who has appointed Mike Pence, who is also not known to be much of a scientist, to lead the task force,” said Sanders. “Clearly, at this moment, you need somebody who you can trust who is going to bring together the best scientists, doctors, researchers, work with the entire world, to do everything that we can to halt this terrible pandemic.”

Sanders segwayed into using the coronavirus crisis to push for socialized healthcare.

“The idea that we have so many people in this country, the only country on earth, major country, that doesn’t guarantee healthcare to all people, we have to make sure that everybody, right now, feels free when you’re sick to go to a doctor, regardless of your income,” Sanders said, adding that the government “will pay that bill.”

“Number two, we are the only major country on Earth not to guarantee paid medical leave,” Sanders noted. “If you can believe it, there are people who are sick today, who may actually believe they have symptoms of the coronavirus, who are going to work because they have no income… We have got to do what every other country on Earth does and guarantee paid family and medical leave, and do it right now on an emergency basis.”

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Socialized Healthcare is Terrible at Responding to the Coronavirus Outbreak!

What a load of absolute rubbish! Socialized healthcare is not the solution to the coronavirus, and I should know! I recently returned from CPAC in Washington back to the U.K., with a nasty cough and a few other symptoms of the coronavirus. I found out that someone who attended the conference later had a confirmed diagnosis, called up the hotline, and was informed that it was therefore worth having me tested.

At the time of writing, it seems like it will be well over a week before I even hear back about when I will be tested, and then days after that for my results. It doesn’t seem to me like the NHS, a fully socialized system, is any better at dealing with an outbreak than that in the States.

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Americans may be easily sucked in by Sanders’s rhetoric, having not experienced the problems themselves, but as a Brit, trust me, you do not want what he is trying to sell you.

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