Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has offered up a poignant analysis as to why the left has gone into complete meltdown mode over the retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Aside from the fact that Democrats have gone off the deep end in general over the last several years, of course!

MSNBC host Chris Matthews vowed there would be “hell to pay” if the Democrats don’t somehow stop President Trump from nominating a conservative, then compared the impending battle to the Spanish Civil War.

People at a DNC meeting wailed and finally found God when they heard the news.

Others called for violence and reportedly cried uncontrollably.

Limbaugh cast aside the usual sweeping assertions and really drilled deep into the heart of the matter, trying to understand the reaction of the left to the myriad of Supreme Court wins for conservatives in recent days. He figured out something that very few have articulated:

The left is so distraught because they’ve applauded judicial activism for so long. They have, when Democrats were in control, supported, encouraged, and provided more power to the judicial branch as a means to diminish other branches of government.

“Now, what can possibly justify this kind of meltdown?” Limbaugh asked his listeners. “We have three branches of government. We have the legislative, we have the executive, and we have the judiciary.”

“If I were a member of Congress today, a member of the House or Senate, and one judge announces he’s quitting and everybody acts like it’s the end of whatever they believe in, I’d be asking myself, “Well, what am I, chopped liver here?” Limbaugh continued.

“Is everything deferred to the Supreme Court? And, yes, it is! And the reason for that is the left. I mean, you can go back to Marbury v. Madison where the Supreme Court said, ‘You know what? We are going to decide what’s constitutional or not.'”

Marbury v. Madison was the 1803 case in which the principle of judicial review was established: the notion that the Supreme Court had the power to strike down laws, statutes, and executive actions that violate the Constitution.

Limbaugh also cited Chief Justice Earl Warren (1953-1969) who sided with activists during his tenure that believed courts should play a larger role in achieving liberal goals.

“You could go back to Earl Warren and his court 60 years ago where they affirmed, they were gonna sit in judgment, that they were gonna be the final authority,” he explained. “This was never what the Supreme Court was intended to be, the final authority.”

“But the left insisted on it because the judiciary is their backup for losing elections.”

There it is. The left, still so bitter over Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016, had this as the only ace up their sleeve to save their crumbling ideology. It’s not the first time Rush has expressed such an opinion. While Republicans were regaining control of Congress in previous elections, he made the same claim.

And thus, the meltdown.

“We have invested in the Supreme Court as the final authority,” Limbaugh added. “The left did that. When the Supreme Court trends to not giving them the final result they want, you think they’re just gonna sit there and accept it?”

“Once the Supreme Court no longer becomes their backstop — once the Supreme Court is not the final authority for their victories — they are gonna be in abject panic.”

Take a look around you. In the last 24 hours they’ve called for civil war, openly hoped Kennedy had been assassinated, lamented the possible loss of their right to abort babies, been weeping and gnashing their teeth, and are, in general, acting as if this a sign of the apocalypse.

It’s the surest sign that the left has bestowed too much power on the judicial branch.

Rush, as usual, nails it – and it goes to show just how fundamentally important it is to make sure the Justices are the right ones.

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