Rose McGowan Accuses Bill Maher Of Sexual Misconduct

Maher has not yet commented on the allegations, and neither has his network HBO.

Maher Rose McGowan

Actress and outspoken #MeToo activist Rose McGowan just shocked the world when she accused talk show host Bill Maher of sexual misconduct, saying he whispered a crude comment to her about his body while she appeared on his show “Politically Incorrect” in the late 1990s. (Warning: The continuing account contains some graphic language.)

McGowan made the accusation on Twitter, claiming that the host had made a comment to her about how big his “c–k” was.

“I was on your show Politically Incorrect in the late 90s- as the show returned from a commercial break, you leaned over to me & [sic] whispered in my hear, ‘my parents didn’t give me a good face, but they did give me a huge c–k,'” McGowan wrote on Twitter on Saturday. “I could feel your hot breath on my ear as an image of both your hideous face & alleged big c–k flashed in my mind. Both turned my stomach. I’ve always wondered what you say & do to the girls that aren’t famous.”

“Bill, you got the face you deserved,” she added.

Maher has not yet commented on the allegations, and neither has his network HBO. McGowan hurled the accusation at the host one day after Maher blasted Tara Reade, who has accused presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden of sexual assault.

“What the f—?” Maher said on Friday’s episode of “Real Time.” “We’re letting this person [Reade] change the subject from Donald Trump, lethal incompetent, to Joe Biden, sex monster?”

He went on to allege that Republicans want Democrats to “go down the rabbit hole of ‘Joe Biden, sex monster,'” insisting there was no “fact-finding here,” regarding Reade’s claims. Maher described Reade’s case as one of “he said, she said — she said something else entirely.”

Maher tried to discredit Reade by bringing up past things she had said about Biden, including that she “wasn’t scared of him, that he was going to take me in a room or anything, it wasn’t that kind of vibe.” McGowan has long been an advocate for Reade, and has even said that the way Democrats have been treating her has left her disillusioned with the party.

This piece was written by PopZette Staff on May 9, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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