All we ever hear about when it comes to the never-ending investigation into President Donald Trump’s non-existent Russian ties is Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel. Most are quick to forget how this all began – as an unprecedented secret FBI counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign, beginning in July of 2016.

Once James Comey got fired, then the investigation morphed into the Special Counsel we have today. And what started that? A letter from the Office of the Deputy Attorney General on May 17th, 2017, that authorized the creation of a Special Counsel, with Mueller as its head. Signing the document, authorizing this all, was Rod Rosenstein.

And what has there been to show for it? The only Russians indicted as a result for interfering with the election had little to no direct contact with the Trump campaign, and there’s zero evidence of collusion. All of the Trump associates indicted as a result of the Counsel were indicted on unrealated charges (Paul Manafort and Rick Gates for tax evasion and money laundering, George Papadapoulos for lying to the FBI). Anything to justify the witch hunt, I suppose.

While Rosenstein is a Republican himself, his fellow Republicans are becoming impatient with his antics. According to Fox News, “A group of 11 House Republicans introduced five articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Wednesday evening. The impeachment articles accuse Rosenstein of intentionally withholding documents and information from Congress, failure to comply with congressional subpoenas and abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).”

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The August recess begins next week, but Mitch McConnell did cancel most of it (except for a week), in large part to keep Democrats off the campaign trail. It’s not clear if the resolution will be considered before or after the recess.

Rep. Mark Meadows, who filed the resolution with Rep. Jim Jordan to impeach Rosenstein said that “The DOJ has continued to hide information from Congress and repeatedly obstructed oversight–even defying multiple Congressional subpoenas. We have had enough.”

Elsewhere, Jordan commented he’s tired of the Justice Department giving him and other inquiring minds the middle finger. “The American people are sick of it,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Democrats that haven’t stopped calling for President Donald Trump’s impeachment since the nanosecond he took office, are blasting what they see as politically charged calls for impeachment. “This is partisan nonsense”, wrote Diane Feinstein.

Russia hoaxer extraordinaire Adam Schiff said the articles of impeachment were in “bad faith.” “These articles of impeachment against Rod Rosenstein were filed in bad faith and show extraordinary lengths to which House Republicans will go to protect Trump. History will record these Members as willing accomplices in the most serious threat to the rule of law in a generation,” he wrote in a tweet.

If memory serves me right, Schiff and others had a similar hysterical reaction in the days leading up to the release of what became known as the “Nunes Memo” – the contents of which were entirely true, not partisan drivel like Schiff and others warned. If history is any indication, Schiff and his ilk are blasting Meadows and Jordan for their “partisanship” because he knows Rosenstein has something to hide.

Just wait until we find out what.

UPDATE – Speaker Paul Ryan just poured cold water on the impeachment effort:

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