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What Colin Kaepernick Wears to Practice Will Make Your Blood BOIL

kaerpernick socks

As if Colin Kaepernick hadn’t already proven that he was a foolish moron with his protest against the National Anthem, it appears that he had earlier “protested” by mocking and insulting police in football practice sessions.

And there are photos to prove his idiocy. They’re from August 10th, and it’s reported that he walked on the field with a raised fist, the “black power” gesture.

kaerpernick socks

kaerpernick socks

Yup, what you’re seeing is an image of police recast as pigs.

Pretty disgusting and it’s not even clever! C’mon don’t be so cliche, Colin. Anyway, as nearly everyone agrees, Kapernick has a right to his opinion, idiotic as it is, and a right to Free Speech, just like the rest of us. But we also have a right to call him an idiot for his stupid opinions, and it doesn’t shield him from the natural consequences of his actions.

What he’s doing here is selfishly forcing his teammates to have to chime in on this issue, whether they want to or not. And that makes him a jerk, in addition to simply being foolish.

Here’s more on the Kaepernick controversy:

According to a few analysts, Colin doesn’t have much time left in the Niners’ roster after this absurd “protest.”

What do you think? Should the Niners cut Colin over this outrageous insult to cops? Let us know in the comments section below!!

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