Republicans Better Not Get Complacent – Dems Are Fully Funded For Long Fight

The federal government is based on elected officials. Right now, we have a nonfunctioning government in DC because the establishment refuses to accept the result of the 2016 election.

If we can’t get through 2020 with a legitimate election, the states need to secede on the basis that we can’t elect our leaders, and the federal government has rejected its mandate.

What do you think of that idea?


I have been wishing California, Oregon and Washington would secede for the longest time and we could leave them to their own consequences. When the big earthquake hits, we would not be responsible for paying for the damage.

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We can build high tech in the Carolinas and let Texas do importations once done in California. We could do real entertainment out of Florida and use fresh actors without political agendas. It would be a dream country full of patriots.

In the meantime, I would love to see our Civil Rights laws brought to bear on those mayors denying their citizens rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Control of their PD’s should be federalized, until their crime levels reach a suburban standard, a perfect task for Rudy Giuliani to head, IMHO.

And, as long as I’m going all out moon-bat, I really think we should annex Greenland, for use as a future place of civil exile, somewhere ardent lefties could go and practice their preferred form of government without interference.


The Democrat Party has been taken over by far-left extremists. It has occurred to me often lately that one would have to have a death wish, both personal and for the entire country, to want to vote these communists into power.

Gun owners, on the other hand, have a wish for continued life, both for themselves and for the people they love; otherwise, they would never have guns around for home defense. This is just one of the dynamics that will be playing out this November. Destruction or creation, death, or life — your choice.

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Solzhenitsyn wrote about the Stalinist terror in the 1930s. The secret police would come and take away whomever in the dead of night and the neighbors would pretend not to see so THEY wouldn’t be next. He said that if just a small group banded together and fought back so that the secret police had to wonder each night if they will come home alive, the terror would have been stopped in its tracks.


I hope the Right doesn’t make the mistake of underestimating the enemy. Individually, the Left is made of soy boys, screaming banshees, and other misfits. But they are well funded and organized. Many are given specific jobs and can overwhelm conservative opposition. The Right has to organize and train for what’s coming.

Reading these liberals’ responses to the violence re: “it only helps Trump” leaves the impression that they do not care about the violence and destruction in their enclaves only that the violence and destruction are helping Trump. Sorry for stating the obvious but sometimes it is necessary.

It is absolutely pathetic that violence and destruction by themselves are not enough reason for liberal voices to condemn the behaviors.

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For us to succeed should it come down to We the People being forced to employ our 2nd Amendment Insurance policy, we will need to fairly quickly reach a critical mass of two things: organization and large numbers.

Local, state and even federal LEOs would be no match for heavily armed local and state militias if they had sufficient numbers (no less than several hundred) and quality leadership, organization, and communications.

If those critical mass numbers jumped from hundreds to thousands and then tens of thousands in short order, whole states would quickly come under the control of patriots. At that point, unless the feds were willing to use the full arsenal of the military, they’d be forced to negotiate.





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