Black Republican Intern Plans to Sue Uber After Denied Service For MAGA Hats

Republican intern sues Uber

An African-American intern for the GOP is planning to launch a lawsuit against the ride-sharing company Uber, after one of their drivers refused service to his group due to their “Make America Great Again” hats.

The incident is another in a recent string of conservatives and Trump supporters being denied service for the crime of having different political beliefs.

Matthew Handy, one of the passengers denied service, says he has reached out to Uber repeatedly about the incident with very little satisfaction.

The incident seems like fairly straightforward discrimination – the driver denied service because of the intern’s MAGA hats, which they were carrying at the time and not actually wearing. He forced them to get out of the car despite having pre-paid for their ride.

“I’m a black male in America that supports and voted for Donald Trump,” Handy told Fox News. “We’re supposed to be a country that accepts everybody for who they are, a melting pot, but the moment I say or do something that doesn’t coincide with their political beliefs, I’m the bad guy.”

Imagine for a moment, that these were black interns working for Democrats, sporting ‘Hope and Change’ hats, and an Uber driver denied them service. It would have been an international incident.

Because these interns were working for Republicans, nobody in the media gives a rip.

Handy isn’t going to take it lying down, however. He wants to see the driver fired for discriminating against him and his colleagues.

He also plans to sue.

“They do not seem to be taking this serious, but I plan to sue,” Handy told the Daily Wire. “They have had almost a week to address this, but rather run in circles.”

In another incident involving Uber, a group of NC Young Republicans was allegedly dumped off at a gas station off the interstate and left to find their own ride after the driver objected to their political leanings.

The driver reportedly told the stranded passengers, “Welcome to the resistance.”

Uber sent an email to one of the stranded passengers saying they had made the driver “feel uncomfortable.”

A judge in Manhattan recently ruled that businesses have a right to refuse service to supporters of President Trump because the law does not protect people from ‘political discrimination.’

The ruling stemmed from a lawsuit brought by a patron who had sued a bar claiming he too was refused service for wearing his ‘MAGA’ hat. (RELATED: After Judge Rules Bar Can Kick Out Trump Supporters, Job Application Denying Liberals Appears).

Remember, these resistance warriors are the same people who think it’s perfectly fine to force a bakery or a florist to bake cakes or arrange flowers for marriages that run counter to their religious beliefs.

Those same liberals continue to lower the bar by discriminating against Republicans – in this case, black Republicans – and dividing our nation.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel with the United States Army, Allen West, wrote: “To the progressive, socialist left, the greatest crime any minority can commit is to not follow their orthodoxy.”

“If you possess the courage to depart the new plantation created by the left, you will be demeaned, disparaged, denigrated, and disrespected.”

If Uber were smart, they should settle this upcoming lawsuit quickly, because a trial could become a public relations nightmare for the rideshare company.

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