Last week, The Political Insider reported that a group of far-left protesters physically prevented Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos from entering a public school in Washington, D.C.

Video of the heated confrontation was caught on camera and can be seen below:

One of the individuals involved in the physical altercation with DeVos and her staff was a man named Bilal Ahmed Askaryar, who was arrested for assault for attacking police. In the video, the man can clearly be seen waving a Black Lives Matter sign, the far-left radical organization:

From Washington Post:

Askaryar was among several protesters who confronted DeVos, controversial for championing charter schools and taxpayer-funded vouchers for private schools, outside Jefferson Middle School Academy. A small group forced her to retreat into a government vehicle as one protester shouted “Shame.”

D.C. police said that as DeVos was driven away from the blocked entrance, Askaryar and others blocked the driveway. Police said protesters were warned several times to allow the vehicle through. An arrest affidavit says Askaryar and others “got violent and started pushing and shoving the police officers.”

The violent protester is from Afghanistan and, along with his family, was granted asylum in the United States after escaping persecution from the Taliban prior to 2000.

Many of these radical protesters are not peaceful. Liberals have been losing their mind over Betsy DeVos, who stands up to the teachers unions across the country, and now protesters are getting violent with the police.

How much longer will Americans put up with this?

What are your thoughts on this violent man’s assault on an individual associated with Betsy DeVos? Share your thoughts below!