Report: Nashville Trans School Shooter’s Manifesto WILL Be Released

The manifesto of Audrey Hale, the transgender shooter who killed six people, including three children, at The Covenant School in Nashville earlier this year, will reportedly be released to the public.
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The manifesto of Audrey Hale, the transgender shooter accused of killing six people – including three children – at the Christian Covenant School in Nashville earlier this year, will reportedly be released to the public.

Nashville police chief John Drake confirmed shortly after the rampage that Hale identified “as transgender” and told reporters she left behind maps of the school and a “manifesto” indicating there may have been other targets.

The contents of the manifesto has been the topic of speculation due in large part to the unwillingness of law enforcement officials to release it to the public.

That is reportedly about to change.

Nashville police have confirmed the manifesto will be released, though they have declined to provide an actual date.

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Nashville Trans Shooter Manifesto to Be Released

There are a lot of caveats to consider with the release of this manifesto, first of which is the length of time it is taking to get the manifesto released to the public.

Interest in the contents of the numerous journals Hale left behind will have dissipated significantly by the time they are released.

“The investigation has advanced to the point that writings from the Covenant shooter are now being reviewed for public release and that process is underway and will take a little time,” a Metro Nashville Police Department spokesperson told The New York Post.

If the red hat the shooter was wearing was actually a MAGA hat, details of their writings would likely have already been published.

With the stalling comes a lot of skepticism as to whether or not the manifesto will be redacted or some of the contents discovered left out of the public release.

The Post notes that “police … could not give a firm date when the writings would be released and would not confirm if everything would be shown to the public.”

Authorities collected 20 journals, five laptops, multiple yearbooks, among other items from multiple locations. All of it needs to be released.

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What’s in the Manifesto?

While we can only speculate as to the contents of the trans shooter’s manifesto, comments from authorities paint a grim picture.

Metro Nashville Councilmember Courtney Johnston, who has previously suggested it would not be released in its entirety, said they were told the manifesto is “a blueprint on total destruction.”

One official with the Metro Nashville Police Department said the contents of the trans shooter’s manifesto “keeps him up at night.”

Journalist Glenn Greenwald last week announced he was in talks with various law firms about suing the FBI and the Nashville Police Department for access to the manifesto.

While that may not be a necessity now – or it may have actually spurred police to announce its release – Greenwald contended that there was a lot of “political pressure” keeping it under wraps.

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, as was a signature of his show, spoke the truth about what has been behind the manifesto coverup.

Carlson argued the fact that the killer targeted Christians plays a key role in why public eyes have yet to see what the police recovered.

“It’s not accidental,” he said of the manifesto remaining under lockdown. “You know exactly why it is – because it would make the obvious undeniable.”

He added, “The trans movement is targeting Christians, including with violence.”

Thus far, authorities have assigned no motive to Hale’s attack.

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